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Ryanair checking in

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ParmaViolet44 Mon 26-Aug-19 18:03:48

Thanks so much for the replies! Very helpful and much appreciated!

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rrg1 Sat 24-Aug-19 14:21:16

You will need to check in online, then either save your boarding passes to a device or alternatively print. If you use a phone or tablet you scan that, but do make sure you have fully charged your phone and I always carry a portable charger or have it on more than one device, in case of delays.
If you do not check in online you will be charged (fined) €55 at the airport.
Once you arrive at the airport, you can go directly to the bag drop, where you weigh your suitcase and print off the baggage label, then drop them at the desk. You will need to scan your boarding pass to do this

MrsParmaViolet Sat 24-Aug-19 00:16:50

We flew with Ryanair this week using family plus, which is priority boarding, 2x cabin bags and 2x hold bags. I checked in online and saved the boarding passes into my iPhone wallet then dropped the hold bags off at the check in desk at the airport. You just have to swipe your boarding passes (from your phone) over an electronic reader to get through security etc after that, it's really easy. We had no problem at all (and I'm used to British Airways etc, not budget).

rookiemere Fri 23-Aug-19 22:54:50

I assume free airport check in means you don't get charged if you don't print your tickets in advance, but I'd hate to wast the money to find out I was wrong. Could you try online customer services to see if they can confirm. TBH I'd check in online and print the boarding passes anyway as the safest option

SJane48S Fri 23-Aug-19 17:57:21

Isn’t that £55 at the airport if you don’t check in advance on line? As above, go through their T&Cs with a tooth comb! It’s a pain but the price you pay for the cheap flight!

HappyParent2000 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:06:20

Use the fast track, most do and it IS a big deal with Ryanair!

You get one bag free and you just drop it off. No extra £55. We did this only a few months back and it was very easy.

Ryanair are no worse than EasyJet, usually slightly better!

Read all the info, follow their instruction and you will be fine.

ParmaViolet44 Fri 23-Aug-19 12:30:00

Sorry - I know this has probably been asked before but couldn't find a thread about this topic specifically!

We are using Ryanair for the first time and I'm just booking our flights. I'm getting the "Plus" fare which includes:

Priority + 2 cabin bags
1 x 20kg check in bag
Reserved Standard Seat

Under the "Flexi Plus" fare it has a few extras like security fast track which we're not bothered about, notably that fare doesn't include the checked in bag despite being £40 more expensive!

The one thing I'm confused about is that the Flexi Plus fare has "free airport check in" listed in what is included. On their website they state that it costs £55 per person to check in?

Does that mean you should check in online beforehand (which we usually do anyway) and then you just drop off your checked in bag? Or do they charge you again to check in luggage!??

Am slightly wary as have heard awful stories but they are the only airline that goes to this airport and it's only a short flight. Fingers crossed!

Appreciate any advice or tips!

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