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Pre-card.. Which one have you got?

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Samsparrow Mon 08-Oct-18 13:49:04

My revoult came within a few days, worth trying,

biglips Sun 07-Oct-18 21:17:55

Ooh thanks everyone....I will scroll down now.

Also it is too late to sort one out now? As going on the 20th

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user187656748 Fri 05-Oct-18 07:42:46

I have a travelex prepaid card plus also a halifax credit card.

Worth double checking the prepaid cards since I'm not sure that they all lock in the rate on the date of loading unless you buy them in the foreign currency in the first place. I think some convert at the point of use. I've not looked at it for a few years though.

Samsparrow Fri 05-Oct-18 07:40:00

Revolut is brilliant have used mine in Florida and most of Europe and the exchange rate is very good with them .

Haisuli Sat 29-Sep-18 14:23:53

We are going to get a revolut pre-paid card when we go to Florida in March. Usually we use our.halifax clarity credit card when we go abroad and we love it. But we are conscious that brexit is happening while we are away and we've decided to lock in a good exchange rate if we get a good one!

Aridane Sat 29-Sep-18 13:48:25

I don’t have a prepaid card but following Martin Lewis recommendations on MSE have a Platinum Barclaycard credit card as cash withdrawals abroad are free - ie no transaction charge and no interest

biglips Sat 29-Sep-18 13:39:41

Sorry....pre-paid card

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biglips Sat 29-Sep-18 13:37:10

As I'm going to majorca at the end of this month. But I'm looking at getting a Pre-card, maybe the one with the cashback

Thank you

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