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October half term city break

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MrsJMartintheFirst Sat 01-Sep-18 17:18:42

Berlin or Munich both fab - loads to see and for for all ages and plenty of history as well.

tinytemper66 Sat 01-Sep-18 17:05:02

I just came back from Madrid! I am going to Bruges during October half term 😊

budgiegirl Sat 01-Sep-18 16:59:39

I’d second Amsterdam - lovely city, with great parks, museums, boat trips that the kids would enjoy. We walked a lot as we enjoy looking at things as we wander, but transport is easy around the city to save little legs. Or you could hire bikes , that was a lot of fun! You can get kids tandems/trailers if they’re too young to ride themselves.

chocolatemonster Sat 25-Aug-18 20:59:56

Alicante! Fabulous old town. Beach and harbour and tram to other seaside towns. Castle for the culture with amazing views

LoniceraJaponica Fri 24-Aug-18 07:11:55

DD and I went to Rome one October half term. It was brilliant, but involved a lot of walking, so maybe save that until your DC are older.

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Fri 24-Aug-18 07:08:32

DH, DS(8) and I are going to Wrocław in Poland this Oct half term.

My friend is originally from there, and she recommended it. Lots of museums and a very good zoo. Picturesque town square. Lots of good quality chain hotels. We are staying in a Novotel.

It's a university town, so there's plenty of cheap eats, hipster coffee hangouts and craft beer (which we are into!). Way cheaper than Krakow.

I can't wait!

Minniemountain Fri 24-Aug-18 06:58:48

We're booked to go to Munich for half term.
Last year age nearly 4 DS loved the science museum and the flight museum.
It's a great city.

tracelab Thu 23-Aug-18 07:00:09

Amsterdam. I'm an Amsterdam blogger specialising in a family friendly approach to the city. Take a look at and let me know if I can help with anything

Worriedmum42 Sun 19-Aug-18 22:31:55

Copenhagen. We really enjoyed it. You could spend a day at the Viking long ship place just outside (I can't recall what it is called but accessible by train and bus), nice little Hans Christian Anderson museum and of course Tivoli gardens.

allbutt21 Sun 19-Aug-18 13:52:15

I'm looking for a city break for October half term. 3 -4 nights, but we are flexible. Open to any destinations. We like exploring and into history, (although not essential) however, my kids are 6 and 4 and ideally would like to find somewhere that is suitable for us all. May be somewhere we can appreciate the history of the destination, but on one of the days something fun for the kids to enjoy. Looking for any ideas. Thanks.

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