Food for flight

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FritataPatate Fri 06-Jul-18 21:40:48

Don't buy water at airport. Take empty bottles and fill them from drinking water fountains once you are though security. Saves £££s.

Hoppinggreen Fri 06-Jul-18 21:40:29

Not eggs, too smelly
We usually take cereal bars, crisps and cheese sarnies

MyBalletShoes Fri 06-Jul-18 21:39:55

Valid point @unicorn56

I'll stick to jam and take plenty baby wipes for the inevitable mess!

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unicorn56 Fri 06-Jul-18 21:36:37

I would watch peanut butter sandwiches, ive been on a few flights where peanuts have been banned from even being on board the plane because of people with severe allergies (for good reason obviously). Maybe jam or marmite sandwiches instead?

MyBalletShoes Fri 06-Jul-18 21:29:56

Haha I was considering croissants so I'll knock it off the list!

Thanks for the ideas smile

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Ricekrispie22 Fri 06-Jul-18 18:16:12

Cereal bars
Slices of malt loaf or banana bread
Hard boiled eggs
Peanut butter sandwiches
Cream cheese bagel
Fruit salad
Bacon rolls
Frittata muffins
Pancake roll ups

I once took a croissant. It was messy!

MyBalletShoes Fri 06-Jul-18 17:18:35

Short flight but we'll be out of the house from about 4am and won't arrive at destination till about midday/1pm.

There's 7 of us travelling and 3 in particular are bottomless pits.

I've a whole bag I can dedicate food to and will buy plenty water once through check in but does anyone have any ideas of breakfast/brunch/lunch items I can take for the travelling. Nothing that requires refrigeration and all that can be packed in numerous Tupperware boxes!

TIA for any ideas smile

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