Where to go at Xmas/December with 1 year old?

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user1484986087 Thu 21-Jun-18 12:55:06

Hi, looking for advice please. My partner and I would like to visit somewhere short haul but warm which is suitable for 19 month old. Any suggestions please? My partner prefers beaches and I’m more of a city break person, but either are good.

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Millipedewithherfeetup Thu 21-Jun-18 13:00:26

Canaries will be lovely then...think it's about 4 hour flight though!

user1484986087 Thu 21-Jun-18 14:06:45

Thanks! We’ve already done the canaries as a couple at Christmas..was ok but a bit boring.

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FoxAndBear Thu 21-Jun-18 14:11:36

Somewhere like Valencia or Barcelona?

YouAndMeAreGoingToFallOut Thu 21-Jun-18 14:38:56

Neither Valencia nor Barcelona is likely to be especially warm in December I'd say. Warmer than the UK maybe , but not warm.

juneau Wed 27-Jun-18 09:08:27

You don't have many options when you want warm and short-haul at Christmas time. It's basically Canaries, N. Africa, Cyprus, Israel ... and that's about it. If you're prepared to go a bit further then Jordan, UAE, Oman, etc are all possibilities too.

Branleuse Wed 27-Jun-18 10:12:24

Malta? Often has warm sunny days most of the year, although its still winter so you could get unlucky. Valletta is lovely

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