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Australia holiday - best mobile plan

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goingatlast Sun 17-Jun-18 09:32:33

I'll check with Three as well. Just got Tesco to unlock my phone so everything is moving in the right direction now!

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 17-Jun-18 09:28:15

Australia is on Three's feel at home Go roam service and it would be worth contacting them also whilst you are still in the UK.

goingatlast Sun 17-Jun-18 09:17:04

We'll be in Sydney and Port Douglas so not rural.

I'll have to check with Tesco and make sure the phones aren't locked.

Thanks for the Aldi tip.

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accendo Sun 17-Jun-18 07:48:17

Go for Aldi mobile. It uses the telstra network and is really cheap. You can just buy a Sim at any aldi in Australia and activate it.

ICJump Sun 17-Jun-18 07:42:35

If your travelling in rural areas just get Telstra. It has the most coverage. Data is really expensive in Australia.

goingatlast Sun 17-Jun-18 07:40:46

Just looking for information as to the best sim plan to get for a trip to Australia. My phone is with Tesco Mobile but I think it may make more sense to buy a sim card when I arrive there. It will be for texting, facebook, etc.

Thanks for any advice.

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