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We've decided to have a big holiday

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penguinsandpanda Mon 07-May-18 11:46:55

What's the budget roughly?

Do you get that time off normally or is it a one-off.

If its a large budget I would go round South America or Australia, loads of animals in both. Smaller I would be sticking to Europe or going for a shorter time. Costa Rica was amazing for animals. Far North Queensland has loads of animals, tree kangaroos, possums, rock wallabies, cassowaries, platypus, koalas etc. Within Europe there's bears in Finland and Sweden, dolphins around Azores you can swim with in ocean. Costa Rica needs hep A vaccine.

Purplemond Thu 03-May-18 19:49:02

id love to camp around europe, but it depends how long you want to stay in each place, maybe a large tent for longer stays and using basic pop up tents for 1-2 nights

ShanghaiDiva Thu 03-May-18 12:13:06

Se Asia weather is not great in July and august - dry areas include Bali, Java, Borneo, parts of Thailand and parts of Vietnam.
Personally the USA trip sounds good or Canada.

CardinalSin Wed 02-May-18 20:20:57

I guess you need to decide what kind of thing you want to do to start with. You could drive over to France and head in any direction, taking your tent or stopping wherever. Or you could fly to Helsinki and train and bus it all the way to Lisbon. Or anything in between!

EnglishGirlApproximately Wed 02-May-18 18:04:11

I put together an itinerary for a client driving across Italy (I’m a travel agent) and they did an open jaw flight between the start and end point then a combination of Eurocamp and self catering places. Also did car hire from airport to airport which is a bit extra but worked well for them.
They were away for about 4 weeks do got to see a lot of Italy but you could easily make it across a few countries in your timeframe. I’ve always fancied doing the ferry from Italy to Croatia

sentenceinterrupted Wed 02-May-18 17:59:04

We spent 18 months travelling with 3 kids age 2 to 8. Europe australasia and USA. We mainly airbnb-ed and tied to get central locations. Rented vehicles in the states but mainly tries to walk from where we were staying or take public transport. Fly or train to each location.

It all depends what you want to see/do, though. 3 months in France on a bicycle? 15 countries in 2 months? Budget? Self catering or trying a new culture's food? One backpack for 4 or a suitcase each ....

TwitterQueen1 Wed 02-May-18 17:30:58

I would do USA - the national parks. You would see amazing sights - Yellowstone, huge dinosaur skeletons, so much wildlife and natural beauty. You could hire an RV (might be pricey - don't know) and take your time....

bonnielassie1 Wed 02-May-18 17:26:47

SE Asia would be the way to go! It’s very cheap and adventurous grin

JoandMax Wed 02-May-18 17:25:08

Can you try an independent travel agent? We’re not in UK but there’s loads of ‘travel counsellors’ where we are who can plan things like that - we’ve just used one for a trip around Italy and lots of friends use them for Europe trips over summer

RebeccaWrongDaily Wed 02-May-18 17:22:05


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RebeccaWrongDaily Wed 02-May-18 00:44:18

2 adults, 2 junior age children.
We can leave mid July and want to be back in time for September school start if necessary. Travelling around Europe seems like a great idea, we don't mind taking our tent and staying in a mix of tent and hotels / hostels / air b and b's- we could drive or is it better to fly to the farthest point and hire a car/ use trains?
Also don't mind heading farther afield (maybe we'd like to see wild animals or somesuch rather than sit on a beach drinking cocktails.)
We're not really bothered about deluxe, happy to mix and match.
We have some surprise money- so we're getting a new roof (tiny party popper) and a good holiday.

Can anyone suggest where to start with this? We are genuinely not bothered- don't mind fly drive / training across parts of Europe.

WWYD and if you have done this have you any idea where to start? Thanks in advance

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