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Center Parcs europe advice / recommendations

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Bryony9275 Wed 21-Mar-18 20:11:07

Brilliant, thank you. That’s really helpful 😁

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TheBitterBoy Wed 21-Mar-18 19:50:15

I don't know about a local supermarket, we brought non perishables with us from home, and got the rest at the on-site supermarket which was pretty good.
Another tip - De Eemhof is near enough for a day trip to Amsterdam, less than an hour's drive, there is a park and ride at the Ajax football stadium, which is a quick metro ride into the centre.

Bryony9275 Wed 21-Mar-18 08:46:53

TheBitterboy - thanks also for the info about the end of August - I have booked for that week now so thanks for the money saving tip!

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Bryony9275 Wed 21-Mar-18 08:44:43

Thanks for the reply. As you’ve been to De Eemhof - can you tell me if there’s a supermarket off site but near by? Cheers.

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Madcats Mon 19-Mar-18 10:42:59

We had hot weather late August in De Vossemeeren (a Belgian CP, surrounded by lakes) without getting bitten.
It didn't seem to be an issue.

TheBitterBoy Sun 18-Mar-18 17:57:09

We stayed at De Eemhof a few years ago and had no trouble with mosquitoes at all. Pretty much all the Center Parcs throughout Europe and in the UK have some kind of open water, I've stayed at a few and never had a problem.
Did you know the Dutch children are back at school in the last week of August so the prices are much cheaper that week.

Bryony9275 Sun 18-Mar-18 17:48:14

Hi, I’m looking at booking a European centerparcs in the summer holiday - dd (13) likes the look of de Eemhof because of the flow rider but I’m slightly concerned that it’s surrounded by lakes and this might mean a serious amount of mosquitos? Any recommendations of Parcs gratefully received. I have two dds, 11 and 13.


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