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GrumpyGreta Mon 29-May-17 12:25:29

I'm desperate to go back to Disneyworld take my children to Florida and do all of the theme parks and trying to work out how much I'll need to save up for it.

Was thinking of going in the next 2 years, dd will be 10ish and ds will be 8ish. Am probably going to go with my mum and my two sisters.

What is the most cost effective way to do it and how much did you need all in?

Appreciate everyone has a different budget but hoping to get a rough idea.

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MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Wed 07-Jun-17 21:50:05

Accommodation was £1517 (roughly). Great deal.

SparklesandBangs Wed 07-Jun-17 21:54:26

Flights for 4 £2000 using miles and going indirect
Villa fir 2 weeks £1200
Car hire using club card points £500
Park tickets £2000 if we do them all

Food & drink budget £2000
Shopping £2000
Total £10000

Awks Wed 07-Jun-17 21:59:44

We went this Easter (5 of us) - have been a few times before and this year we were on a budget. Were stuck with school hols as dd1 is a teacher but found indirect flights via Toronto for £432 each with BA. Booked a great huge villa for £1500 and bought the 14 day ultimate tickets for Disney and Universal - so all in about 7k with absolutely everything. Ate in villa or at the likes of millers ale house - didn't buy shit, but still came home with lovely stuff. Had a great time and proved to ourselves you don't have to go mad xxx

Magpiemagpie Sun 18-Jun-17 16:35:48

I've just booked to take my sister & neice next year in August for the weeks
We are staying at the Port Orleans French quarter & have the DDP
& park tickets
This cost 6400 for the three of booking direct with Disney
We have to get flights but I'm looking at flying into FL as Nowegian do flights for under £400 for this August
If not then I reckon a further 2500-3000 for flights into Orlando

FrankieGoesToHolyrood Mon 19-Jun-17 13:02:34

We go in September and its cost us...

£3100 for flights with Thompson and a 2 bed condo in kissimmee for 14 days

£500 for car hire

£1100 for 2 adult 2 child 14 day disney passes with built in memory maker (they should have been about £1400 but there was a sale on in January)

And we aim to take about £3k spends.

Last year we didnt do disney we done Universal, Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica and paid about £900 for those tickets.

Year before that we had Disney/Universal tickets and think i paid around £1500 for them

ZedWoman Sat 24-Jun-17 22:38:20

Decide what is your absolute priority and go with it - regardless of cost.

As a family of four (DC 7 and 10) we were stuck with the most expensive time of the year (Easter hols). We decided we absolutely wanted direct flights and they came to 3,000 (Sat-Sat 14 nights of the Easter hols) so the most expensive option. I couldn't handle indirect.

Villa was booked direct with owner - £1400 for the two weeks (4-bed, 3-bath). OK, that was for four of us, but we were supposed to be going with my parents (long story).

Park tickets were £650 for Universal (14 days) and £850 for Discovery Cove. the DC tickets covered Seaworld, Busch and Aquatica for unlimited visits in the 14 days and parking plus the day at DC with the dolphin swim. We decided it was an absolute must. DC was probably our favourite day of the holiday.

We also went to Kennedy SC and did an airboat ride on Boggy Creek - both well worth the money (about 300 in total).

We spend one night in Loews Royal Pacific hotel at Universal. The one night stay got us two days of Express Unlimited passes at Universal. The hotel cost us £240 for the night. During our stay it was costing $160 per person per day to buy the fast passes in the park.

We didn't do any Disney. We decided it just wasn't our priority and we spent the money on other things.


Jenni2legs Tue 11-Jul-17 12:26:59

We have just booked for Feb half term next year staying at caribbean beach which is undergoing a refurbishment so they've cut the price. It's 5k including flights and free dining for the week for three adults 12 yo a kid 8yo and baby 2yo
Oh and we have a $200 gift card too.

SLT007 Sun 16-Jul-17 23:33:36

15k FFS!

Starting to think we were robbed.

Did go for three weeks, though. A week at siesta key was £1,500 and discovery cove was £1,000 for the day.

We would love to go again but I'll be aiming to spend 8k and stay in a villa, not a hotel.

foodie456 Wed 17-Jan-18 17:19:49

I am looking for Christmas this year and with virgin to fly out for 10 days over Xmas period stay in hotel on international drive universal tickets and Disney tickets for the 10 days £4500 that's for 2 adults and 1 child (9) so I'm guessing this is good??

jellybeanteaparty Wed 17-Jan-18 23:18:05

We went in 2016 but combined with a week in Florida Keys and also some time in Miami. Family of 4 with older teenagers so mainly did Universal Went the last possible dates we could in August flying back in early Sep (school had an inset day) Americans were back at school so less busy and cheaper Costs for whole trip around £4000 didn't buy much (are we missing something? Is it clothes etc people buy?)

DiplomaticDecorum Fri 19-Jan-18 15:37:59

We're going to Florida this Easter - a bit of a cheap last minute thing and only booked a couple of weeks ago. Flights, car and accommodation are costing just over £2500 for 2a +2c (although one child needs adult air fare) and we're away 17 nights on total.

I have no idea how much Disney tickets are as we don't go. Busch Gardens and Adventure Island (like aquatica) are £85/person (for the rest of 2018).

We pay less and go away more - we're not rich enough, and I would feel uncomfortable blowing £10,000 on one holiday, it would be too much of our savings.

Lovemum69 Mon 10-Sep-18 23:57:08

Looking to bump this thread.

I am looking for a good price on a Florida holiday in summer 2019. I have been recommend Your Florida Holiday. Does anyone have any reviews on here?


MK1980 Tue 11-Sep-18 15:38:28

Hi Lovemum69

I ALWAYS book my Florida holidays myself, I always find the prices for a package so much more expensive. I search for flights using Skyscanner and also look at Thomson and Thomas Cook Charter flights. The past twice we have been we stayed onsite at a Disney hotel and had the free dining package and I booked that direct with Disney and I book my tickets through Orlando Attractions.

We are already booked for May 2019, booked flights with Thomson on the Dreamliner for £400 each and booked a 5 bedroom villa in Davenport for £950. Car Hire with Discount Orlando Car Hire for £414 for a 7 seater and I have still to book my park tickets.

3WildOnes Wed 12-Sep-18 17:17:46

6k for 5 of us for 10 days in October. Staying on site at Disney in a budget resort. Includes flights (not direct), accommodation, park tickets and Disney dining plan. Will take maybe £800 spending.

Haisuli Thu 13-Sep-18 15:05:08

7k not including spending money for a fortnight for 4 of us next Easter.
That includes 5 nights in disneys Port Orleans French Quarter with quick service dining, 7 nights on the gulf coast, and 2 nights at the Royal Pacific at universal. It also includes Disney and universal tickets, car hire for the last 9 nights and direct BA flights from Gatwick. We think we have done well but it is also the most expensive holiday we have ever had. Wanting to keep spends down to £1000

Teacher22 Mon 08-Oct-18 20:37:30

I feel sorry for the poor young millennials who can’t save enough for house deposits.

Some of you are spending on a holiday the amount I bought a house for.

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