child reins in europe?

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AbyssinianBanana Mon 08-Aug-16 21:10:48

Aren't you more worried what will happen in a few weeks when he begins primary and a teacher will have 20-30 kids to look after and expect them to not bolt first chance they have?

olderthanyouthink Wed 27-Jul-16 19:35:24

I didn't mean don't use them because you will get funny looks, I've nothing against them.
I was just forewarning, just in case you get some funny looks can think why because reins are normal in the UK.

brambly Wed 27-Jul-16 12:52:06

If they keep him safe, I would think that the peace of mind that elicits will almost certainly cancel out any nerviness from shitty looks.

I really don't understand the aversion some people have to reins. My mum had all 3 of us in less than 3 years and my sisters in particular were top tier escape artists - none of us had any objection to our reins.

They seem to have fallen out of favour round here since I was a scrublet and it seems a shame. I live a few metres from an infant school and almost every. single. day without fail I hear at least one mother howling at a child who's slipped her grasp and legged it.

Toffeelatteplease Tue 26-Jul-16 20:28:07

Mine were a nightmare in reins, either the normal or backpack variety. DD sometimes tolerated the backpack reins but normally would sit down protest. DS just pulled and pulled until they were off.

They're not necessarily a fantastic solution

specialsubject Tue 26-Jul-16 17:10:43

strange looks versus flattened under a car?

no contest. Whatever keeps him safe.

KP86 Tue 26-Jul-16 10:46:55

Mine is 2, but the principle is the same. If they are unsafe without them then I would use it.

After DS almost being run over earlier this year when he went straight out onto a road I would not hesitate.

noramum Tue 26-Jul-16 10:29:36

No, not at this age. We had a very clear "stay with me or you have to hold hands all day long" policy and we all have backpacks so we are hand free anyway.

I did use reins, got strange looks at home in Germany, but on a 4-5 year old? No.

PrincessHairyMclary Tue 26-Jul-16 09:46:18

Although, if he is actually likely to try and escape the rucksacks only have a chest buckle, you'd obviously notice if he escaped but not as secure in that way as reins

PrincessHairyMclary Tue 26-Jul-16 09:43:49

I (and DD) preferred the rucksacks with lead they aren't very expensive. They can carry a drink, favourite toy, colouring book etc. She's nearly 7 and I'll still use it in very busy areas (tube etc) and then tuck the handle away. She's not the sort to run off but it would be very easy to be separated in a crowd or whilst distracted looking at boards etc.

sarahjam Tue 26-Jul-16 09:27:04

thanku , is yours four tho?

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Lindy2 Tue 26-Jul-16 09:21:49

If the reins keep him safe then use them. I think it's a good idea especially in a busy airport where you may be needing to concentrate on other things.

KP86 Tue 26-Jul-16 09:17:04

Who cares what others think. It would be my worst nightmare if my super quick Houdini toddler ran off in a country where we don't speak the local language.

Use the reins. We will be on our upcoming trip.

olderthanyouthink Tue 26-Jul-16 09:07:03

*Of not or

olderthanyouthink Tue 26-Jul-16 09:05:46

Just so u know European people may find it very weird to put a child or any age on leash in reins. My Dutch bf & and Spanish, French & Portuguese friends were all hmm when they saw a group or nursery kids in reins.

sarahjam Tue 26-Jul-16 09:00:58

hes about 22" chest. I tried these old ones on him this morning telling him they were so he wouldn't have to hold my hand all the time on holiday and they still fit easily.

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AuntieStella Tue 26-Jul-16 08:45:40

Yes, a strap sounds like a good idea!

Though I'd consider getting a wrist strap or a backpack with a lead.

The chest straps on toddler reins aren't likely to fit round him now.

sarahjam Tue 26-Jul-16 08:43:01

taking my ds , Houdini!, on holiday shortly and naturally worried about him in the airport and around strange places, hes a big boy now starting primary in august , will it be ok to put him back in his old leather reins?

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