Advice! Eurostar to Cannes and camping La Baume Cote D'Azur

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Middleoftheroad Fri 22-Jul-16 11:01:56

I am a nervous traveller. A none flyer who imagines that the worst will happen on each journey. Following events in Nice, stabbing on German train and at French campsite this week I am a bag of nerves, so these qs may seem silly but can anyone help pls?

We are travelling to La Baume campsite on Sunday. Eurostar Ebsfleet to Lille then Lille to Cannes (wondering though if I can/should get off at St Raphael) then taxi to campsite (assuming I can get taxi?)

What is parking like at Ebsfleet - ive not pre booked
Because its not direct we have to collect our tickets from desk at Ebsfleet with credit card we paid on - should I expect queues?
Our trains at 930ish when should we arrive? Stopping in Gravesend night b4.
On our return leg we have 40 mins to change at Lille for our Ebsfleet train. Told this is enough but with 2 kids luggage and extra security im stressing its not

Told its just blankets. We cant take duvets as on the train. Will blankets b ok of a night?

Will I easily be able yo find campsie with a cab at around 8pm and as its after 7pm told we have to text to access site

What else do I need to know about this???? smile

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JeffreyNeedsAHobby Fri 22-Jul-16 11:05:20

Strangely enough we are going to the same site soon too! I've booked transfer from Nice airport as was nervous about it being a Sunday when we go - apparently there aren't many taxis at the train stations nearest but there is a bus stop right outside the resort. Take a look on trip advisor at the comments perhaps? I paid for transfers because it seemed easier but it was very expensive. We won't be able to holiday abroad like this next year!

JeffreyNeedsAHobby Fri 22-Jul-16 11:07:14

From what I have seen the site is very well known - take the address with you and perhaps see if you can contact a local taxi firm to collect you from the station on a Sunday? Take the number with you in case they aren't there.

Middleoftheroad Fri 22-Jul-16 11:28:05

Thanks - I did ask Al Fresco about connections, but as we are not flying they cannot arrange this. I may phone the site direct today.It is a very large site so hopefully not a problem. Jeffrey I will let you know what it's like!

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JeffreyNeedsAHobby Fri 22-Jul-16 12:29:04

Thank you! I am sure the site could arrange a taxi to be sent to the station for you as long as you know when the train arrives smile

JeffreyNeedsAHobby Fri 22-Jul-16 12:30:06

Is it too late for you to hire a car?

Middleoftheroad Fri 22-Jul-16 15:22:38

Thanks Jeffrey I rang the site. They said St Raphael was closer, but were not forthcoming about taxis! I went on Tripadvisor and now have a number for the local firm. Theres also a bus at 9 but after a 12hr journey I will want to just hop in a cab. I should have perhaps hired a car in retrospect!

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JeffreyNeedsAHobby Fri 22-Jul-16 23:12:01

Well done! Have a lovely time! smile

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