Travel to USA with a 4 month old - will jetlag affect them?

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RachaelG83 Sat 09-Jul-16 10:34:27

Hi All, I'm brand new to Mums Net and have a 15 day old boy Oliver (born at 36+2 by emergency section). My husband and I are planning on going to Florida when Oliver is 16-17 weeks old for 2 weeks, but he's worried that the jetlag will affect him and disrupt his routine for the whole time we are then and then for another 2 weeks when we get back. Has anyone else travelled abroad with children this age and for this distance? If so, what was your experience with jetlag / routines etc? Thank you so much!

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browneyedgirl23 Sat 30-Jul-16 08:05:45

My daughter was born at 36+5 and I flew to the states with her at 1.
She was affected by the jet lag for the first 3/4 days (we stayed for 2 weeks) but after that she was fine.
It's hard to keep them awake when they really don't want too!
Don't let it out you off going. He will adapt a lot quicker than you think!

juneau Mon 01-Aug-16 09:13:03

We lived in the USA when DS1 was born and he and I went back and forth a lot in the first two years of his life. When he was a small baby the jet lag didn't really affect him - certainly at 4 months he didn't seem to notice - but by about 18 months yes - he had a fixed routine by then so he was aware of the time difference. Either way, it doesn't take 2 weeks to adjust to a 5-hour time difference. My experience is that it takes a couple of days each way and then everybody's fine.

ronconcoke Tue 02-Aug-16 14:48:42

OP i am in a similar position, we are off
To Las Vegas later this month when our DC will be 5yo and 17w. I'm slightly worried about the jet lag as it's an 8 hour time difference but hey, what will be will be. I went to New Zealand when DS was 18mo so nothing can be worse than that, or so I keep telling myself! Don't let it put you off and have a great time.

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