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In what ways did Elizabeth I compromise to gain the support of Catholics?

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newname100 Mon 03-Dec-18 13:28:30

I am reading up on this and know about the Act of Supremacy and Act of Uniformity but need to know how Elizabeth compromised so as not to upset Catholics. I can see this alluded to in various books but no examples are given as to what she actually did? Anyone have any idea what she did to encourage compromise? Thanks.

LRDtheFeministDragon Sun 23-Dec-18 17:40:38

Erm, she kinda didn't?

She had a lot of them killed.

She made compromises for all sorts of reasons, but I don't think any of them were to do with 'not upsetting Catholics'.

lucydo Sat 29-Dec-18 16:40:43

I'm not sure that she did. Perhaps she was just less intolerant of heresy than her sister and father? Isn't she recorded as saying that she didn't want to put a window into men's souls?
She did encourage the creation of a specific style of cathedral worship that perhaps had more in common with Catholic worship than the existing Protestant style, because she loved church music. Her musician, Byrd, was Catholic, but was encouraged to compose. But that would have been very different from the worship in churches.
I find it fascinating that the Church of England was a progression from Henry VIII, who saw himself as a Catholic, but just didn't support the pope, Edward VI, Mary, then Elizabeth.
Given that the pope had declared the equivalent of a fatwa on her, and she had her cousin Mary making a nuisance of herself over the border, and Spain launching an Armada, her behaviour was remarkably tolerant.

FadedRed Sat 29-Dec-18 17:16:45

I think what can be confusing is the understanding of the definitions of ‘Catholic’ vs ‘Protestant’ in that era. We see the Church of England as a Protestant church, but in that era it was not. When the Pope refused to allow Henry Vlll to divorce or annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, Henry broke with the Roman Catholic Church, and made himself the supreme head of the Church in England. But this CofE was Anglo Catholic, the only difference between the Roman Catholic and the Anglo Catholic Churches was that The Pope was the leader of the RC’s and Henry the leader of the AC’s, the beliefs and tenets of the faith remained the same. The Protestant movement started in Europe, and there were differences in their beliefs and tenets of faith that were seen as heresy by the Catholic’s. Edward Vl was inclined to the new Protestant beliefs.
Elizabeth, at the beginning of her reign, was much more tolerant of people’s differing beliefs because she had witnessed the cruelties of the religiously inspired differences (the persecution, torture and executions by Henry, Edward and Mary) and was intelligent enough to know that she needed the support of the majority of the subjects. So, as long as people didn’t make a public and political statement of their Roman Catholicism or extreme Protestantism, they were relatives free to worship, in private, as their conscious allowed, and pay the fine for public church non-attendance.
But the problem of the increasing attempts to assassinate her/ take the throne from her, by her many and varied enemies, in the main backed by the Roman Church, made this tolerant attitude untenable.

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