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Books on Victorian Spiritualism

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SpringNowPlease2018 Thu 19-Apr-18 13:14:05

hi all
does anyone have book recommendations for this? the ones I can find seem to be very expensive.

thank you.

lucydogz Sun 22-Apr-18 22:28:43

Sarah Waters did an excellent novel on the subject called Affinity.

SpringNowPlease2018 Sun 22-Apr-18 23:30:38

That's one of my favourite books!
But looking for something non fiction, showing how it all began and developed.

Dottierichardson Wed 22-Aug-18 02:45:18

OP not sure if you're still looking but try The Darkened Room by Alex Owen, also if you look it up on Amazon, then will see further books listed under 'Customers who bought this item...'

thejeangenie36 Tue 28-Aug-18 12:22:23

You might enjoy 'Mesmerized' by Alison Winter. It deals with the early Victorian craze of mesmerism, a sort of early hypnotism with spiritual and scientific overtones. There are some quite cheap secondhand copies on Amazon. It's an academic book but reasonably accessible and some of the details in it are fascinating.

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