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Ruth Ellis.

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HelenaDove Fri 02-Mar-18 00:22:27

Three part BBC documentary coming up. Exploring the case and the sexual morality of the time. There was an interesting and quite heartbreaking article in last months BBC History magazine . Some of the people supporting Ruth and asking for leniency were women in abusive marriages. It was noted at the time that Blakely assaulted her so badly that it caused her to miscarry their child. But this and other incidents were not taken into consideration at her trial.

MsMalcontent Fri 02-Mar-18 00:38:57

Do you know when it is on Helena? I remember watching Dance With A Stranger and feeling so angry and helpless for her. Poor Ruth, she did not deserve what happened to her.

HelenaDove Fri 02-Mar-18 00:43:15

First part is on 13th March 9pm BBC Four.

MummatoaMunchin Fri 09-Mar-18 21:40:26

I am very interested to watch this as i remember studying this in school! It is a very sad story

HelenaDove Tue 13-Mar-18 13:45:17

Bumping this as this is on tonight.

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