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English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell

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SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 13-Sep-17 18:48:31

I loved the the Braddick book, but I'm a historian and this my field so I suppose I would say that smile

Slimthistime Wed 13-Sep-17 18:47:41

thanks for the speedy replies, I will look these all up.

the podcast site looks great too - I had no idea that was out there.

I have sooooo much history I want to learn, that podcast resource will be handy for lots of things - thanks all, much appreciated.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 13-Sep-17 18:45:08

I haven't read the Braddick one but Diane Purkiss is good.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 13-Sep-17 18:43:43

Diane Purkiss and Michael Braddick have written some pretty good books, I think you'd get them on Amazon. Also, if you don't mind listening rather than reading there is a podcast that covers the build up to the war and the aftermath. There are about 12 episodes and it's quite detailed and entertaining.

Modestine Wed 13-Sep-17 18:34:19


Modestine Wed 13-Sep-17 18:33:44

I'm not sure if it qualifies as an "easy" read, but The World Turned Upside Down by Christopher Hill is short, and a cracking good read. There's a lot in it about different religious and political factions, which may or may not be to your taste. I loved it.

Slimthistime Wed 13-Sep-17 18:23:15

hi all
Does anyone have a sort of "easy read" recommendation for the above - and the lead up to it?

I looked in my library and they have some quite full on biographies of OC and big chunks of book on the war itself, but I really wanted something with more of an outline - and preferably not 800pp long. I really am starting from scratch on this topic - I know up to Elizabeth I but then there's a huge gap in my knowledge till Victoria.

Thank you.

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