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Russia in World War I

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tobee Sun 03-Sep-17 12:57:33

Great, thanks for the reply!

BlessYourCottonSocks Sun 03-Sep-17 02:37:35

Military disasters early in the war weakened the Russian army.
Morale was poor. Soldiers were poorly trained. Nicholas II took charge of the war himself, with no real experience or knowledge of what he was doing; he was indecisive and isolated at the front. Food supplies were poor and erratic; it was difficult to transport food to the soldiers on the front line. Russia was a peasant, agricultural society and although huge they were ill equipped to fight an organised rapidly industrialised nation like Germany. In addition the Tsar had left his wife, Alex in charge back at home. She was massively unpopular and deemed to be under the thrall of Rasputin. Food and fuel shortages back home meant the people were cold and hungry - a dangerous combination.

Figes is the leading historian on Revolutionary Russia, so I'd recommend him. (I teach A level)

tobee Sun 03-Sep-17 02:25:39

Can anyone help me? I'm looking for good books and/or sources about Russia in the First World War. I was watching a YouTube video about the war and every time a Russian offensive was mentioned it seemed to be about a heavy defeat. I was wondering about exactly why this was for such a huge country. Was it as simple as the autocracy of the Tsar and the down trodden Russian soldier?

I've downloaded samples of Norman Stone Eastern Front and Orlando Figes Revolutionary Russia. Anyone got better suggestions?


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