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Forgot to teach DD about history. Ideas for a summer of Tudors please.

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MrsJoyless Thu 20-Jul-17 23:15:33

I am aware that this parenting fail may shock you, but now DD has a long summer holiday from her science degree so I think I have just enough time to cram "The Tudors". Does anyone have any suggestions for suitable DVDs, lightweight historical novels or days out, please?

AnneofGreenGablesAgain Thu 20-Jul-17 23:19:00

Wolf Hall as the book?
The Boleyn Girl to read?
Hever Castle
Hatfield house?
National Portrait Gallery to see all their portraits
Visit to the Globe?

Misty9 Thu 20-Jul-17 23:24:48

Wolf Hall is the opposite of lightweight reading in my opinion grin
There's a series on about the history of sugar and sweets at the moment and the first episode was all about the Tudors. Also there's been a few series on the BBC about the royalty of that time - Lucy Worsley does a lot of them I think. If you're near norwich we have lots of Tudor buildings smile

MegBusset Thu 20-Jul-17 23:27:44

Hampton Court?
Wolf Hall fabulous but suggest the TV adaptation to save time!

MrsJoyless Thu 20-Jul-17 23:32:41

Thank you. Hampton Court, Hever and Hatfield are just within reach and I suppose we should visit them in that order. I think Wolf Hall is too long, although I have only seen the TV version. Gallery trip is a possibility.

MinisWin Thu 20-Jul-17 23:37:35

Depending how old she is, I learned essentially every bit of historical info I know, including about the Tudors (and Stewarts!) from Horrible Histories books, they are brilliant.

MinisWin Thu 20-Jul-17 23:38:57

Just spied the science degree part blush... although I'm not going to lie, I'd still happily read them now... I'm a doctor

MrsJoyless Thu 20-Jul-17 23:42:30

I did say lightweight, this is supposed to be fun! We shall finish up with Blackadder, but it's only funny if you know what it's based on. Any recommendations for a film about Elizabeth I?

kshaw Thu 20-Jul-17 23:48:54

There's a BBC drama called Elizabeth (with the added bonus of a young Tom hardy in it) it's definitely available to buy on Amazon not sure if other outlets - really good. I love a bit of Tudor stuff though. Also, there's some kindle books by Elizabeth freemantle that I've enjoyed - not sure if available in paper copy I'm afraid

crumpet Thu 20-Jul-17 23:57:09

Jean plaidy books

MrsJoyless Fri 21-Jul-17 00:23:35

Thank you all, I shall check out the kindle ideas tomorrow, and also the Globe. Don't know if we have the stamina for a whole TV series!

AnneofGreenGablesAgain Fri 21-Jul-17 07:09:06

One person's lightweight is another person's heavy grin

BarchesterFlowers Fri 21-Jul-17 07:18:39


MrsJoyless Fri 21-Jul-17 07:27:19

Thanks for the Kentwell link, I would not have found that.

Caenea Fri 21-Jul-17 07:36:05

There's Elizabeth, starring Cate Blanchett, which is very good and thoroughly enjoyable. It has a sequel too called Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Both very good films and historically accurate!

MrsJoyless Fri 21-Jul-17 07:42:43

That is good to hear; I will get those.

DameDeDoubtance Fri 21-Jul-17 07:43:00

The films are great but they are not accurate at all.

The old Elizabeth series was great with Glenda Jackson, a;so the book Legacy by Susan Kay.

The Tudors is a fantastic series, though not accurate, still great fun.

Working out the bits that happened and the bits that didn't is a lesson in itself.

picklemepopcorn Fri 21-Jul-17 07:44:22

Shakespeare in love...

picklemepopcorn Fri 21-Jul-17 07:45:34

The globe in London, and somewhere like Chester and Nantwich, where you see the lovely Tudor buildings.

BonnesVacances Fri 21-Jul-17 07:49:20

Can you get to Portsmouth? The Mary Rose is proper real Tudor history in the flesh.

ProfessorBranestawm Fri 21-Jul-17 07:51:48

I'd watch any documentary with Lucy Worsley. The Six Wives one was brilliant, it made it slightly drama-ish rather than being a regular factual programme, and so much more real to me.

LadyPeterWimsey Fri 21-Jul-17 07:51:50

Came on to say Wolf Hall, book or tv, but I guess it does take a bit of concentration.

I did the Tudors for A level and a bit in my degree, and now DS has picked two Tudor and Stuart papers for his degree, so I intend to revisit the period vicariously, and discover some more recent work on them.

DameDeDoubtance - love your name. Those books were last summer's reading discovery.

MrsJoyless Fri 21-Jul-17 07:52:11

I leave the board just long enough to order the DVDs and come back to find they are not accurate...But still, enjoyable is good. Now how should I cover Henry VII?

GemmaB78 Fri 21-Jul-17 07:54:55

Phillipa Gregory's The Red Queen should cover Margaret Beaumont/Henry VII rather nicely!

Actually, any of her tudor/war of the roses stuff is fab.

GemmaB78 Fri 21-Jul-17 07:56:29

If you want accessible biographies, Alison Weir or David Starkey are excellent.

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