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Family Tree question

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AutumnBlossom Thu 09-Mar-17 19:36:22


I thought I'd ask how you all went about researching your family tree? To be honest I did a bulk of work years back on ancestry, but hit a bit of a dead end so stopped paying. Now I'm thinking of double checking everything and making a hard copy.

Do most of you use ancestry or another site? Do you use multiple sites? If so do you pay per view on others? Do you know if any are essentially the same company?

It's quite exciting we're 4 years off another census being revealed.

Also if you've made a hard copy, what did you do? Did you create a journal yourself? Or did you use the software? (Which I could never get to grips with) Or did you pay for a websites own version? Ideally it's nice having names and dates, but I want to expand it to include occupation at census periods, that kind of thing.

I have found myself on the selling channels late at night, Hochanda do this make your own journal kit, one example they showed at the end made me think wow, I could use this and create a really good family history relic. Something that could be passed down with interest.

If anyone's interested I recorded the last bit so I could do some rough sketches on how I intend it to look.

Yamadori Thu 09-Mar-17 19:39:17

There is a 'family history' topic on MN somewhere - if you search the topics you'll find it. There are quite a few threads with good advice.

OdinsLoveChild Thu 09-Mar-17 19:53:39

There won't be a uk wide census release in 4 years because most of the 1921 census was destroyed during ww2. They also lost a good number of documents that could have filled those gaps created by losing the census.

On a different note, I made a very large journal of all the information I gathered. I used a mixture of ancestry, find my past, online church records and bmd records. I haven't yet produced a written chart-/tree with everyone on because I just don't have time.

AutumnBlossom Thu 09-Mar-17 20:18:32

Thank you Yamadori, just sang your praises on another thread.

OdinsLoveChild, is yours like a journal containing information? I'm thinking about having a generation per 'page' or maybe 2, with fold out sections of the main person of interest, with career, location, if they moved.

The best thing I found was that it was peddled that we were from this certain area born and bred. On one side, they actually moved during the 1800's to get out of a mill, which I'm guessing is a small scale workhouse as I couldn't find any tomb stones in the church yard, so they must have been poor. I'd love to take that back but the central records are in a remote town.

I'm guessing library historians are keen to research for you, for the likes of WDYTYA, but not for Joe Bloggs on the street.

Thank you again.

OdinsLoveChild Thu 09-Mar-17 22:05:54

I use old fashioned ledgers. Theyre huge. I have a ledger for each of my grandparents lines. 4 in total. I list their names and spouse plus birth details, career, census entries, siblings and parents on each page and because of the size of the ledgers I can fit certificates and photos on the page too.

Try local auctions for old ledgers. One of mine is leather bound and marbled pages.

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