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I wonder what Britain would be like if...?

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CaptainCallisto Tue 28-Feb-17 18:19:44

Does anybody else ever ponder how Britain (or the world!) would be different today without one small thing happening? I'm not talking about huge, millions dead, events like the plague, or WWI; just the smaller stuff.

I was just reading a biography of Katherine of Aragon and wondering how different things would be if Arthur Tudor hadn't died.

Would we still be Catholic? Or would England have become Protestant anyway as Luther's books came over? Would we have a different attitude to ruling queens if we hadn't had Elizabeth I? Would we have united with Scotland without James I/VI being the sole heir...?

So many questions surrounding the death of one young man! Admittedly the Prince of Wales, but one man nonetheless.

Anyone else, or is it just me?

ChessieFL Wed 01-Mar-17 19:32:39

I think that as we'll, especially in relation to the Royals - there's so many points at which the line of succession could have gone in different ways if someone hadn't died/someone had a child.

raindripsonruses Wed 01-Mar-17 19:38:15

As to whether we would still be Catholic, I think there are too many variables to say we would. Protestant thought was very strong at the time and likely to have spread. Maybe not with a Henry VIII inspired change but something or someone else. I'm a Catholic, for what it's worth.

AutumnBlossom Thu 09-Mar-17 19:13:40

Interesting, I think we would be a Catholic Country as the head of state would be Catholic, that would influence a lot of others.

Another thought could be, what if the reformation never happened.

I found out something historical about a Cathedral, turns out it was originally a Catholic Cathedral. They practice high church Protestantism, which is basically Catholic.

I've never understood the high church, if you're mimicking another faith, why not just be that faith.

You never know, we can have a Catholic married to a King/Queen now. I believe that was passed when they changed it so that if Prince George was male/female he would be 3rd in line to the throne regardless.

It interests me, I think there was something a few years back, where someone had put a lot of work in, they figured out who actually should be our monarch. It was some unassuming guy. Obviously there's little he can do, but it would be interesting if the Queen gave him an honorary title.

MrsDoylesladder Thu 09-Mar-17 19:43:50

High Anglican is much "higher" than Catholic Mass. speaking as a catholic.
There were too many forces for social change (many related to Protestantism) for the uk (or just England) to have stayed catholic all this time.

AutumnBlossom Thu 09-Mar-17 20:47:45

That's really interesting, thank you. Are we talking High Churches being similar to the Tridentine Rite, pre Vatican II.

Do you find that even now people seem shocked if you say, 'Oh I'm Catholic?'

I do wonder although it's a different thread entirely, how things will go in Ireland after recent findings. It's crazy that to a degree the Southern Irish are more liberal than the Northern Protestant diaspora. Not tarring every Northern Irish Protestant with the same brush. The fact that Northern Irish women have to cross the sea to access certain services is mind blowing. I wonder if a NI gay couple got married in England, Scotland, Wales, or anywhere else where Civil Partnerships can take place, if they're recognised by Stormont etc.

That's an interesting subject that I don't know whether is taboo, the Ireland situation, North & South. Historically speaking.

Does anyone know if it's been spoke about? I found it interesting from the view point of growing up in GB during those times, what was broadcasted verses the wider truth. Also the history of Ireland, I wasn't aware of till last year. Really quite ignorant, so an aim is to learn more about what England or the Union did in past times worldwide.

MrsDoylesladder Fri 10-Mar-17 08:13:38

My world growing up was Catholic (in England).It was only at Uni I really met lots of Protestants, many with odd ideas about Catholics. Thankfully the Republic of Ireland is getting more liberal (equal marriage etc). The lack of choice on termination rights In North is a scandal in my view. I still think this country (uk) would not have stayed catholic.

alltouchedout Sun 12-Mar-17 11:17:50

I've never understood the high church, if you're mimicking another faith, why not just be that faith
I'm guessing there's something about that faith they have a major problem with? If have a friend whose church is Anglo Catholic. Their core beliefs seem very similar to those of the RC church but the differences come in their practises (don't recognise the authority of the Pope, don't prevent preist marriage etc. I must ask her if the bread and wine at their mass is a symbol or whether they believe it actually becomes the body and blood).
Henry VIII wouldn't recognise himself as a protestant anyway. He wanted the same faith and teachings and bible and church, just without the authority of Rome.

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