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Historical timeline for British history

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BetteDavis01 Tue 04-Aug-15 19:35:39

Hello, I hope you can help me! My knowledge of British history is patchy and whilst I have developed a good knowledge of the Victorian era and 20th century history, everything before that is a bit of a mystery and a blur!

I want to discover more, but figure the best place to begin is with a chronological timeline, that way I can gather a sense of context before i begin learning about all the different eras.

Can one of you history experts please help me? Thank you smile

Happinessismymiddlename Tue 04-Aug-15 19:47:06

I've found this website helpful:

BetteDavis01 Tue 04-Aug-15 20:40:16

Thank you smile

beachyhead Tue 04-Aug-15 20:46:23

We have a chart of the Kings and Queens of England on the wall, with dates and their Houses. (Tudor, Stuart etc). This summer, I'm starting a file with one page per monarch and whenever we think of an event,first flight or discovery of America, we are going to add it to that monarchs page. I'm hoping to inspire the dc; not 100% sure it will work, but I'll enjoy it!

BetteDavis01 Tue 04-Aug-15 21:04:05

Sounds great beachy! What's your favourite era from history?

NapoleonsNose Tue 04-Aug-15 21:18:49

Listen to the Rex Factor podcast. Reviews all the kings and queens of England from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. Lots of background history of to each monarchs reign too. They've moved on to Scotland now as well. I love it! I'm a history graduate and have learnt loads of stuff I didn't know about British history.

beachyhead Tue 04-Aug-15 23:11:18

I don't really have a particular era, although I suppose the whole Shakesperian thing fits in with my interests. It really started as my dd1 was studying History of Art for A level and I realised that the way that they teach history now is so compartmentalised that they have no context of where anything is in history.

I also found it fascinating reading the odd historical novel, trying to talk to her about trading routes, which cities experienced other cultures etc and how that may have influenced painters.

I think that the old way of learning in a chronological order may have a lot going for it.....

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