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I don't know any post-Tudor to pre 20th C British history

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Asleeponasunbeam Sat 01-Aug-15 10:20:10

Apart from what I have gleaned from Restoration and Victorian novels. I studied the British Empire as part of my degree, but know little British constitutional and European history from this period.

Can anyone recommend any good (and accessible - don't have much time for reading these days!) texts?

Asleeponasunbeam Sun 02-Aug-15 22:20:35

I've remembered I studied 'Witchcraft' and 'marriage laws' of this period actually. So maybe I'm okay with the social stuff to an extent. But I don't know the constitutional history at all and know nothing of Napolean, Wellington and their ilk.

HarrietVane99 Mon 17-Aug-15 18:22:43

Online resources to start with:

Wikipedia can be a good starting point, as long as you don't rely on it exclusively. It will give you basic dates and facts. The BBC history site is another good place to start. You could also subscribe to the BBC History magazine, or History Today.

For uk personalities, you could try the Dictionary of National Biography. If you have a public library card, you might be able to access it through the library website. is quite good on the 18th & 19th centuries.

These are a couple of blogs about European history:

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