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Some help needed relating the research.

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AnneWentworth Mon 02-Dec-13 17:30:31

I have a FOI request that is subject to proving death. As some background:

- the person would be 97 now and all siblings and parents died before 65
- the person was known to be in Liverpool (prison) in 1933
- I am told they were visited by a family member in the 80s possibly 90s in Manchester

What I need to ascertain is

- when did they leave prison (it was a life sentence e)
- did they marry and to whom

Then I can get a death certificate and access the info.

I am a family member but the documents are pertinent to a wider dissertation on the specific crime.

Other than requesting every likely certificate of marriage do I have any other option.

I realise this might be better suited to family history so will likely read there too.

AnneWentworth Mon 02-Dec-13 17:31:09

I should just say thanks in advance.

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