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If you love Alison Uttley's 'A Traveller In Time', look what I just found!

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TunipTheVegemal Wed 17-Oct-12 21:36:42

You can go and stay in the house!

I knew it was filmed at Simon Groom from Blue Peter's dad's farm but I didn't realise their farm was the actual house where Anthony Babington had lived - I always assumed they'd just picked a house that looked about right.
And (like most farms these days....) Simon Groom and his wife now do B&B.

I know where I'm going next time I get a weekend off....

Northernlurkerisbehindyouboo Wed 17-Oct-12 21:39:41

I love that book and want a mini break destination for dh and I........

TCOB Wed 17-Oct-12 21:42:18

I remember going there when I was eleven. Simon Groom's mum took me inside to see the kitchen, it was magical. I adore that book.

MooncupGoddess Wed 17-Oct-12 23:03:24

How thrilling! But what if I go there and get transported back to the sixteenth century and then get stuck and can't get back to my present life, hmm?

Womenandchickensfirst Thu 18-Oct-12 00:10:01

I don't know the book, but my first job was working in the Hall of Residence where Alison Uttley studied. I helped to administer her legacy, that was split 3 ways between the Hall, The National Trust and Sedgeburgh ( sp?) school. The Little Grey Rabbit books brought in a fortune from Japan, and at the time were being made into a tv series, which was a complicated business, but great revenue generator! I seem to remember a relative of hers coming to give a talk to the Alumni about her life. As it was an all-girls Hall the Alumni were indomitable women who had basically built the empire and won the wars. One woman in her 80's sent her apologies for the event as she was studying penguins in the artic! Very happy memories of very different times.

vesela Fri 19-Oct-12 13:57:35

I didn't know that, Tunip - thanks!

Sam Pig is DD's favourite book. I have A Traveller in Time and A Country Child waiting for her...

TunipTheVegemal Fri 19-Oct-12 14:06:13

Mooncup, then fgs make a better job of warning Mary Queen of Scots and Anthony Babington than Penelope managed to!

notnowImreading Fri 19-Oct-12 18:44:20

Oh wow! We'll be going there sometime soon, definitely. Thanks Tunip.

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