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Odd things you know about historical figures

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Fuchzia Sun 30-Sep-12 21:42:09

Just imparting my knowledge of Winston Churchill's leisurewear on another thread (guess I have been to Chartwell too many times) and was wondering what really random stuff others might know about historical figures.

It's the details which make history interesting after all.

R2PeePoo Mon 01-Oct-12 09:53:53

Apparently the emperor Vespasian's last words were a joke - 'Oh, I think I'm becoming a god'.

He also demanded to die on his feet even though his cause of death is recorded as 'acute diarrhea' which makes me wince a bit for the shoes of those holding him up.

He was the first Roman emperor to be succeeded by his son (Titus who ruled for two years and whose last act was to dedicate the Colosseum).

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