Farnborough Sixth Form College

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Bigbadmummy Tue 15-Dec-09 22:15:38

Is anybody involved in applying for their children next year?

My DD has applied and we have just found out she is only on the "reserve list" and, therefore wont even be interviewed, because she hasn't had a sibling there and is not at a feeder school (though we only live 4 miles from the College).

Does anybody have experience of Farnborough Sixth?

Do you know what our chances are of her getting her an interview?

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RustyBear Tue 26-Jan-10 23:07:11

DD went there, but that was a few years ago, as she's now in her second year at uni. She was at a school in a different borough & had no sibling, but she got offered a place after an interview.

In fact, the new school admissions code (not sure when it comes into force)says "Schools must not interview children or their families for entry to Year 12, although meetings can be held to provide advice on options and entry requirements for particular courses.
Entry must not be dependent on attendance,
behaviour record, or perceptions of attitude
or motivation" - which is interesting, as we were told that attitude & motivation were the most important consideration in their offering a place.

I did wonder whether this new requirement played a part in John Guy (the current principal) deciding to leave...

Berkshire45 Tue 23-Aug-16 07:50:32

My son is worried that Farnborough Sixth does not offer much in the way of support and structure. Does anyone have any experience please? He is now considering going to his school sixth form

zizza Tue 23-Aug-16 18:42:25

My 2 youngest (now 20 & 21) went to Farnborough Sixth Form. It's an excellent college but you get out what you put in. Mine each had interests outside so didn't get involved extra-curricular stuff but plenty of their friends did. The teaching was good as far as I can tell, and the tutors were really accessible and helpful.

Uninformed Fri 02-Sep-16 14:32:39

D/S has just left Sixth Form Farnborough, took Maths and Sciences (on his way to a good Russell Group Uni soon, his first choice). The Head is marvellous! D/S said it was the best educational institution he has ever attended. He was the happiest I've ever known him at 'school'.
The students were friendly, the staff amazing probably due to the 'culture' encouraged by the Head.
He did very well, he feels much better than he would have done if he had stayed at his secondary school. Communication is excellent.
For the first time since he was 4 years old we were worry free whilst he attended there.

Hockeyden Sat 18-Mar-17 08:52:22

angryWould recommend to anyone. It's only interested at staying at the top of the league table. No help to struggling students. Talked down to be certain members of staff. Not a condusive place to encourage good learning environent

Hockeyden Sat 18-Mar-17 08:53:00

Sorry that should be wouldnt

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