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Help with writing my UCAS personal statement please.

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suwoo Wed 21-Oct-09 13:33:59

Am going to study English with Cultural Studies at uni next year. I have been interviewed and accepted by the tutor grin but I have to formally apply via the UCAS website. What the hell do I write in the personal statement? It will be the tutor who interviewed me who will receive it.

She has seen my written work as I had to take something with me. I am a mature student with pretty crap qualifications although I do have GCSE's and an A level in English.

Can I have some ideas please. Ta smile

pandaiis Wed 21-Oct-09 14:46:20

Mine's a completely different subject but have you looked at The Student Room personal statements page? here

There's tips for writing your personal statement and also PS by subject.

pandaiis Wed 21-Oct-09 14:46:52

Oh and well done

frakula Wed 21-Oct-09 14:54:56

Only you can really write your PS so the following are just suggestions:

Why you want to study the subject and in particular why cultural studies instead of just English

Anything subject-wise that you've found particularly interesting

Why you're experience, being a mature student, will be positive: work ethic, meeting deadlines, handling pressure, working with people, cultural perspective

Any recent successful study you've done, even if unrelated to the actual subject you're studying.

You'll probably want a good opening and closing line which really marks you out. Consider looking for quotations which sum you up or raise a burning question that you can answer in the rest of your personal statement to open it with and leave the reader something to REALLY remember you by to close. Treat it like a challenge and make the most of your UCAS applications - see if you can get 6 offers! If you want someone to look through it then feel free to send it over - I've just done that for another MNetters CV.

It might just be a formality but you want to do the best job you can, don't you? grin

Lilymaid Wed 21-Oct-09 15:02:42

I checked through DS2's personal statement last night so he could submit his UCAS form today. It has a similar style to those on the Student Room site for his subject area but the words are entirely his own. What you need to demonstrate is an enthusiasm for your subject as well as evidence that you really want to work for a degree in that subject. You can demonstrate your qualities of motivation etc by reference to what you have done in the past, your interests etc.
Just make sure you don't plagiarise any existing statements.

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