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Anyone done a BSc Zoology?

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lavenderkate Thu 15-Oct-09 19:42:26

Am 39 and would like to go back to Uni to study BSc Zoology.
The requirements are AAB, which I certainly dont have.
I did complete 1st yr in similar degree 13 years ago. (Got pg and left after that blush)
but I dont think that seems to be worth much according to admissions.

Access course lady didnt think I had a hope of getting on the BSc and I might not even get an interview for the access course. I was very surprised. Have yet to speak directly with the Zoology Tutor.Am vnervous.

I was planning on completing both gcse and A2 Biology at home myself this year as both a refresher for my stagnant mind and boost my entry level.

Now not sure what would be best.

Advice and opinions would be most welcome.

AMumInScotland Fri 16-Oct-09 15:21:47

I did BSc Zoology, but straight after school.

I think the most useful thing you can do is to talk directly to the Zoology tutor and find out what they really want, then work from there. If they say an Access course is the best thing, then go back to the tutor for that and find out what you need to get onto that one. It may mean you need to get your other qualifications first to show them that you are committed to it.

Another thing you could look at might be an OU Access qualification, if your local college/uni are very full.

ten10 Fri 16-Oct-09 15:37:37

I know nothing about BSc Zoology......
however I am an admissions tutor for a University.

I think the advice to talk to the course leader/admissions tutor is good advice. you will be able to find out exactly what they would be looking for. Especially as you are a mature student and therefore the admissions policies are a bit more of a grey area as you don't necessarily need the same qualifications as an 18 year old.

but talk to them early, with lots of time before they start to be bogged down by other applications.
Try to make it a face to face meeting - this way they will remember you better if you do go on to make an application.

Unfortunately you have chosen one of the busiest years ever to apply to university (anywhere and any subject).
because of a cap in numbers last year, there were lots of students who did not get places who took a forced gap year and will be applying again added to more people who have been made redundant looking to reskill and not forgetting the standard year group who will be doing their a levels in the summer.

and this might be why they are telling you that it will be difficult to gain a place.

lavenderkate Fri 16-Oct-09 22:10:50

Oh Ten10, that does make it harder still. Good to know though thanks for that.
I will try to arrange a face to face appt with the tutor, as you suggest.

AMuminScotland did you enjoy it? Did you go onto work in that field?
What level maths was involved can you remember?

AMumInScotland Sat 17-Oct-09 11:23:49

I didn't go on to work in it - I sort of moved sideways into computing, then stayed there!

I really enjoyed Zoology as a subject though, and really think of it as my subject, even though I've never worked in a related job. When I did it, there were a lot of choices for what area you wanted to specialise in - once you'd covered the basics, you could choose options which would be more about cells and processes, or whole animals, or things like evolution and behaviour. But that will depend on how they structure the course where you are going - the prospectus will let you know about the different parts. And you won't know which bits you find interesting till you've started to study them.

I don't remember needing much maths - but you are likely to cover a small amount of statistics during your course, so it helps if you're not terrified of numbers.

mumeeee Sat 17-Oct-09 18:09:07

DD1 did BSc Zoology,but she did it straight from school. She really enjoyed it although she said ther was a lot of hard work involved. She graduated July 2008 with a first.

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