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Social Work Undergraduate Degree

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Eve4Walle Mon 21-Sep-09 19:02:43

Has anyone done it or is doing it at present?

I am considering this degree at Winchester Uni next September. I will be a mature student and basically am looking for some words of advice/encouragement.


Wilts Mon 21-Sep-09 19:13:40


I will officially be a final year student in two weeks shock

I am a mature student with two children, my Dh is also training to be a social worker grin.

Will you have to commute far as this could be difficult on placements?

I have found the course fairly manageable, time on placement is harder as there is a large workload on top of a full time job.

Check out the types of placements your university can offer.

The community care website is always worth a read.

If there is any specific you want to know please feel free to ask

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