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What book would you recommend to revise Maths?

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esor Mon 07-Sep-09 19:49:44

I am looking for a book that will help me brush up in GCSE maths. I failed my CSE miserably many moons ago and have been convinced ever since that I am rubbish at Maths.

I have started an Access course today and we were given a few examples of the type and format of Maths that we were going to be taught. It was scary to look at but instead of thinking that I am crap I am determinded to tackle this and come out with my GCSE. I would like a workbook that explains the maths and then has a test for each area covered. Something that speaks in laymans terms and that I can work through at home on my own.


Rachmumoftwo Mon 07-Sep-09 20:06:34

Check out the BBC bitesize GCSE revision site before you buy any books.

Then, if you still want books, the Letts guides (WHSmith usually has them cheapish) are pretty good.

laneyjay Mon 07-Sep-09 20:11:59

The CGP guides - available online and from shops - are really well written and straight forward. I use them with my students. About £6 a book available for each tier.

mumeeee Mon 07-Sep-09 20:54:01

I also reccomend the GCP guides. All my children used these and found that they were easy to follow.

Lilymaid Mon 07-Sep-09 20:59:29

CGP Guides available from most bookshops and from Amazon. You need to check which exam board (and which tier) you will be taking as the courses vary a bit and there are separate workbooks/revision guides/practice papers for each board.

esor Mon 07-Sep-09 21:01:06

Thanks for the replies, I will look into your suggestions. Excited that I may actually crack this! smile

lukeysmummy Fri 11-Sep-09 10:00:11

hi i have just done maths with learndirect and bought a basic maths skills book and it was great i will be selling it if its any use as i have now passed

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