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HELP! Anyone know how I can appeal to get my ds into college?

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veryangrymum Thu 20-Aug-09 14:31:13

My ds 17 started A/S levels at our local college last September but made a mess of the first semester, following disciplinary measures and poor results and report he agreed to withdraw himself and reapply for this September.

He reapplied for different A/S subjects but following his interview by vice principle's assistant he received decision that they thimk he should have a longer period to mature before returning to education and should look for a job and reapply next year. I'm really shocked that they can just block his access to education like this. He made mistakes last year, absenteeism and poor results but desperately wants a second chance. He has 2 part time jobs but hasn't managed to find a full time job in the 6 months since he left college even though he's applied for lots.

I asked if we could appeal but the response was that I could try speaking to the vice principle (who made the decision without having even met my ds) but that it was unlikely he would change his mind!

Is this it? Is there no route for appealing a college's decision? It's easy for them to say he should have 'another year to mature in the world of work' but the reality is he's sitting in his room isolated and depressed without hope for the future!

Anyone with advice on what we can do??

frisbyrat Thu 20-Aug-09 14:53:40

Well, my dc haven't even started school yet grin, but as a teacher I'd recommend that you don't get publicly involved, but rather encourage your ds to make an appointment to see the vice principal, at which he can put his case across and try to prove that he will be genuinely committed this time round. This is much more likely to convince the college that he wants to get a decent set of higher ed grades than if you write/see the college.

They can 'just block his access to education' like this, as he's over 16 now, and is no longer owed a state education. I presume this is a 6th form college, and they'll be wanting to pick the best, most motivated students they can.

If he really wants a place, he should be independently reading around the subjects he wants to study, to show he is really interested in them, continuing his part time jobs, and making an appointment to see tha vice principal, followed up by a letter (if he is not rejected out of hand). Nothing he's done so far probably really demonstrates any commitment to them, so he'll need to turn that around.

veryangrymum Thu 20-Aug-09 17:42:17

thanks frisbyrat i was planning to call tomorrow (he's returning from holiday) and ask the vice principal if he would give my ds appt. ds has been calling regularly, after initial interview he's been constantly fobbed off until a careers advisor left a voicemail to tell him college's decision.

it's a regular community college taking all manner of students not highly selective. i know they don't owe my ds an education but they did advise he withdraw himself and reapply this september and it'll be totally devestating for him personally if he cannot return to education

mumblecrumble Fri 21-Aug-09 06:18:04

I;m sorry you've ended up in this situation. In the college's defense they will have lost alot of time, effort and money on your son last year and will be reluctant to take the gamble this year.

HOWEVER - I agree that your son going in person and making nature, enthusiastic appeal himself could work wonders.

Is he ready?
What subjects is he hoping to take?

LadyMuck Fri 21-Aug-09 07:43:46

Can he look at evening classes/adult education classes for at least some of his courses? What evidence can he supply to show he has matured and is ready - can his employers provide references for example?

I agree with the others. Your ds is too old for you to be seen to get involved. Which is frustrating for you, but you have to help ds to help himself.

mumeeee Fri 21-Aug-09 16:15:18

Is there another college he can go to.

Karam Fri 21-Aug-09 20:14:27

I don't think you can make the college take him... but don't quote me on that!

Try getting him to appeal, ask him to write a letter to the principal perhaps acknowledging how and why it went wrong last time, and what measures he has put in place to stop it happening again.

Other than that, I don't think there's a lot you can do with that particular college. However, you could look elsewhere at other institutions, or even home study? There are lots of places which do 'A' levels by distance learning, so he could work part time and maybe do just one 'A' level via distance learning? This would then at least show next year that he is willing and committed as he would have done something off his own back. HTH

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