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starting college need advice with money pls

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fairy15 Sat 15-Aug-09 13:31:43

i have been accepted on to an access course for midwifery. its basically full-time apart from one day. i am a single mum with a 3 year old & the other will be 2 in november. i am currently on income support. i have booked the boys into the college nursery which hopefully they will get a place as both are next on the waiting list. i have appiled for the college fund to pay most of the childcare. basically i'm just wondering if i'll get to stay on income support, how much the college pay towards childcare & will i still get my rent paid for by the council?? i can't seem to get a striaght answer out of anyone at the jobcentre or other places so am seeking help in the great advice from my fellow mn. also am going to try for uni next year for nursing, how does the money side of things work then? thanx in advance

mumeeee Sat 15-Aug-09 23:38:33

DD2 is currently on Jobseekers allowence but this will stop when she goes to Uni in September as she won't be able to have a full time job while she is doing her course.
She'll have a student loan which you will probably have to apply for when your go to uni.
When my Dd was having a bit of trouble with the jobsekers allowence she was given a number for the benifits office and we we managed to sort it out. Ask at your Jobcentre for a direct number and then you might be able to get some straight answers.

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