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Midwifery degrees - where and is distance learning available for some modules?

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quokka Sun 09-Aug-09 12:29:08

I'm a Doula in Singapore and want to become a registered midwife. I don't want to do my training here as midwifes are VERY different from the UK. I know I will be returning to the UK at some stage but thought I might be able to get started through distance learning is this possible??

Also when I come to the UK to finish off the degree which is the best University to attend, I will be in West London so obviously cant travel up north!


quokka Mon 10-Aug-09 08:28:09


Lilliput Mon 10-Aug-09 08:52:32

I start a midwifery degree next month. I would be very suprised if you find a university that does midwifery as distance learning.

quokka Mon 10-Aug-09 10:54:10

Hi lilliput, not expecting to do the entire thing through distance learning just one or two modules? Or some courses I could do that would be credited to the degree once I get started... I thought it would be a long shot but worth a try )

Where are you planning to study?

HolidaysQueen Tue 11-Aug-09 14:25:45

Thames Valley University is ranked very highly for nursing and is based in Ealing so you should look there for when you return.

Look at the OU to see if there is anything that you could at least get credited towards your degree, although I imagine it will be tricky.

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