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Second Hand Uni Books

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Mistiek Tue 04-Aug-09 14:38:32

Hi all,

can anyone tell me if there is somewhere I can get my hands on decent up to date second hand books for Uni.

I have just received all my paper work from the uni and need 3 books as part of the advised ready and preparation.

The library can only get me one of the books so am now looking to buy then at a good price. Im doing my nursing degree....

Can anyone give me some help here.

Thanks a mil

bodiddly Tue 04-Aug-09 14:39:51

There is usually a second hand book shop near the uni.

mustrunmore Tue 04-Aug-09 14:40:00

Do they not have a second hand bookshop at the students union? Ours did <a million years ago>

bodiddly Tue 04-Aug-09 14:40:40

perhaps you could put a notice up in your department to see whether any of the second/third year students have any they want to part with!

Mistiek Tue 04-Aug-09 14:45:40

I think there might be but I live in Bognor regis on the South Coast and the Uni is in Guildford so was hoping to get the books sent to me.

Ill see if I can find some info fromthe uni...

Hassled Tue 04-Aug-09 14:46:30

I've bought and sold loads on behalf of oldest DCs via Amazon - some dirt cheap and scribbled on, but others pretty good quality. Just search for the book you want and then look at the "Used" options.

bodiddly Tue 04-Aug-09 14:49:14

have you tried .. most of their books are £3.75 - they may not have popular nursing books but I have seen some uni stuff on there.

Mistiek Tue 04-Aug-09 14:52:33

Hassled - yeah I ahve looked on amazon and the second hand ones are fetching for £20 and the new ones £23!

Ill have a look at that site bodiddly - thanks

PenelopePitstops Tue 04-Aug-09 15:02:51

have you tried the uni library? if you are only going to use them a few times its not imo worth buying

otherwise scour charity shops near the uni, especially if its a large one

or try

cimeow Sat 03-Oct-09 20:29:41

Amazon co uk you can books new or used from 0.01p

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