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Part time PhD whilst working f/t

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ChazsBarmyArmy Sat 01-Aug-09 15:18:45

I am seriously thinking about doing a p/t PhD whilst working full time (also have 2 kids under 6 but DH is a SAHD).
I did a part time Masters a number of years ago so I have some idea of the commitment involved.
The area I want to study overlaps with my work and I can legitimately do some of the reading in work as it is part of my role to advise on regulatory changes affecting my industry and my PhD would cover the ongoing effect of those regulatory changes. I am also on a couple of advisory groups that advise the Government on the technical aspects of some of these changes.
Firstly am I mad?wink and even if I am mad and decide to go for it anyway any tips, advice and experience from anyone who has done this (or similar) would be welcome.
Can anyone point me to some good examples of a PhD research proposal as the uni I am thinking of attending only gives about 1 para of info (its a social sciences subject and lends itself more to qualitative analysis rather than quantitative). Additionally, some of the advice the advisory groups have given to the government has been published on the gov't dep't website and been debated in parliament. I am named on the advice as one of the "experts" as the advice is directly relevant to the PhD topic would you include it with your proposal (as it is in the public domain) or simply reference it.

Molesworth Sun 02-Aug-09 15:40:01

Hi CBA - have a look at this thread - I'm sure some of the MN PhDers will have some good advice

ChazsBarmyArmy Sun 02-Aug-09 23:33:48

Ohh thanks I hadn't spotted that
Its really useful.

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