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I think I want to do an OU degree. Will it actually be useful?

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Hopefully Wed 08-Jul-09 07:13:32

I think I'll probably do it whether or not it's going to be be particularly useful (in terms of making me a more attractive employee to someone further down the line), because there's a few things I'm interested in, but I'm just wondering, if there's anyone who's done one:
a) has an OU degree actually benefited you in terms of getting a job?
b) is the Open degree at all respected, or would I better off with a more traditional one, such as Politics and Economics? I'd quite like to study a broad range, but if the Open degree is a complete waste of time I could be persuaded out of it...

Thanks for any advice/words of wisdom!

nimnom Wed 08-Jul-09 09:53:38

I started my degree just after I had ds1 and will finish next year. I am studying maths and I am now a private maths tutor. So it will have boosted my knowledge but I could still have set up my business without it.
An OU degree is respected as much as any degree. In fact if I were an employer I would possibly think more highly of an OU degree because usually the person who's completed that degree has fitted it in around job, family and everything else rather than studying as a full-time student.
I can highly recommend the Open University - the resources are second to none and the tutor support system is great.
Go for it!

Hopefully Wed 08-Jul-09 21:25:31

Thanks very much for your thoughts - that's kind of what I was thinking re: OU degree v other degrees, but nice to know that someone else thinks the same!

webwiz Wed 08-Jul-09 23:43:35

I don't have a full degree with the open university but I took all the courses in the web applications development certificate and am now a self employed website designer. If any potential clients ask me how I learnt my trade I feel the OU gives me a but more credibility. The only problem is I can't stop taking the courses and am going to end up with an open degree by accident - I've done creative writing as well and am about to finish an introduction to Forensic

higgle Sun 27-Sep-09 14:26:01

I'm not sure if any of you are still interested in this thread, but I thought sonmeone might be interested to hear how OU changed my DH's life. With an HND in business studies he was working in admin for a large engineering company that specialise in bridges, he did a humanities OU degree - mainly English and History for fun ( got a first too) and then decided that the qualified engineers where he worked had more interesting jobs and so hedid an HNC in engineering part time on day release followed by an OU engineering degree (another first) he then did a Master of Engineering course with the OU that he has now finished and will shortly become a chartered engineer. He now has a very interesting and well paid job as second in command on the technical side and gets sent to conferences all over the world - no one has ever criticised his qualifications for being second rate. It has been quite hard having him studying one thing or another for most of the last 20 years - and I'm not entirely satisfied when he says he won't be doing a doctorate that that is true but it has enabled him to proceed up the career ladder to a really good job - I'd say go for it to anyone who is interested.

LittleWeePickle Sun 27-Sep-09 14:38:37

Higgle - was your DH able to use the credits from his HNC engineering towards his OU engineering degree?

Am considering OU...

Sorry for hijack blush

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