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dh thinking about applying to study medicine we have 2 ds - are we mad?!

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craggie Wed 01-Jul-09 22:33:26


Just wondered if anyone has done this?!

Does anyone know what sort of funding you get and also tax credits?
Can you get housing benefit anything like that?

I don't have a job at the moment but would try and get something part time as well as build my business I've just started.

Thanks very much

Rialentless Thu 02-Jul-09 09:51:35

bumping for you as my DH is thinking of studying to be an Environmental Health Officer...

stitchtime Thu 23-Jul-09 23:41:38

i met someone currently doing this. you do get funding in second third and fourth year. well, a bursary and it s all means tested. but you have to pay for first yearyourself

Qally Fri 24-Jul-09 00:11:12

It depends on various factors. Has he done a previous degree? If so, then he will have to fund at least some of the medical one himself. If not, then he is entitled to be a fully funded student, just like any other. Every person in the UK is entitled to one fully funded degree course; for medicine that's the first few years, with the NHS stepping in and funding the rest. Age is an irrelevance, it's his previous study that matters.

If he has a degree, then he will have some of the entitlement docked, and that will mean some years in which he'd have to pay his own fees, and his entitlement to help with maintenance would be limited, too. Does that previous degree have any transferability, at all? Speak to a medical school admissions tutor and find out if he can skip any of the studies.

In terms of funding in general for a medical student: the NHS provides bursaries for the end of the study period, and the student loans and grants in clinical years tend to be more substantial than to most students, in recognition of the very short holidays. He may also, depending on your own income, be entitled to help with childcare, Parental Learning Allowance, tax credits, Adult Dependant's Allowance and so on.

Your best bet is to contact the Local Education Authority in your area. They won't be able to process any actual application, as all new applications go via the Student Loan Company now, but frankly my experience of the latter indicates that they couldn't locate their arse/elbow if they had aerial footage and a detailed map, whereas LEA staff have often been in the job decades, and have an encyclopaedic knowledge. So you could suss out what the situation is from experts, even if they can't process any application.

Lastly I'm sure he knows this, but medical schools tend to be incredibly competitive - he'd need stellar A levels/previous degree results to have a hope, and even then a lot of people with 5As, for example, get rejected - though mature students are sometimes preferred, so it's not an impossibility either. Maybe he should apply, and see what happens? If he gets a place then he can worry about funding then, with the offer under his belt. Banks tend to be quite generous to medical students, I believe.

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