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mamagaga Wed 10-Jun-09 11:03:31

Hi can anyone tell me how they got around the problem of finding nursery places for their kids before their uni course started. The problem is the university can not release a time table until about three weeks before my course starts. I have my babys name down for three nurseries but I can not confirm those places without knowing which sessions I need. So now I have to wait till september to see what places they have left. Ive spoke to the uni and theres no way of getting the timetable early. Im worried I might get stuck with no childcare.

muddleduck Wed 10-Jun-09 11:30:26

This is a PITA.
At my uni the timetable is usually unchanged from the previous year - can you have an informal chat with a teaching administrator to see if they can tell you what is most likely to happen. IME it would be very unusual for them to have no clue about the timetable at this point in time. All our lecture times are already set for next year although some of the smaller group teaching is only set once term starts.
Is your course full time? You may find that you actually need childcare for most of the week as they often try and spread the teaching out as much as possible.
Perhaps you should go ahead and choose your nursery giving your best guess about days and then ask for session swaps once the timetable officially comes out (if necessary). Obviously there is no guarantee that the nursery would be able to accommodate this but IME they are more likely to accommodate a few changes to sessions if you are signed up in good time.

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