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Formal essay writing?

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tomal Thu 04-Jun-09 16:59:03

DD is just finishing her first year at uni. She says that a lot of her essays are being returned to her saying that they need to be more formal. Does anyone know of a good website or book where she could find tips or information?

Wilts Thu 04-Jun-09 17:08:29

I have got this book: the good study guide which is quite a good book.

Can your DD try and get some tips from her tutor, or she could contact learning support and they can help with that sort of thing.

muddleduck Wed 10-Jun-09 13:14:27

If she were my student then I would advise her to think about who she is writing the essay for. It is always helpful to have a target audience in mind. For example she would write a letter to a friend in a very different style to that she would use if writing to a prospective employer. I suspect that she is just using a few phrases that come across as a bit 'chatty'. A lot of this is likely to be a generational thing and I'm sure that you could be very helpful here. Even without knowing about her subject you would be able to pick out the bits that seem 'teenagery'. The hard bit is for her to come across more formal without losing her own individual style. Personally I prefer the essays that are too informal to the ones who write in a really unnatural style because they are 'trying to sound clever'

FairLadyRantALot Tue 16-Jun-09 23:27:48

tomal, is there some such thing such as "Centre for Academic Practice" at your daughters Uni....they do courses offer help, etc....

FairLadyRantALot Tue 16-Jun-09 23:28:21

oh, and lots of references...backing up everything she says...although...that is maybe NOT what they mean...

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