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Anyone done/ doing OU E111. I need help.

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shivermekinders Tue 31-Mar-09 21:03:26

doing TMA 6 and it talks about 'focus for support' what exactly does that mean?

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:24:20

and forgive my spelling mistakes - I was covering about 4 different classes today- and now I'm brain dead

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 18:26:51

ok, i know where to come next month when it comes to the ECA.grincan i ask what you put your couse towards, are you doing a degree?

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:27:34

we play them mamma mia all the time when they're changing for pe - I wonder if it is really allowed- never bothered to check with anyone really

But for cartoon you can get a dvd with sponge bob or similar -children will love it..

have to go now

good luck with your tma as it's really hard work

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 18:28:16

thanks for your help

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:33:33

Ok last post

I've got degree already although from another country. My main reason to do it was to get some understanding of curriculum and theory behind teaching and also because I was bored and wasn't using my brain. Doing another degree is also still an option.

Since then I applied for GTP this year.

To be honest I didn't find e111 that useful as nobody heard about it and I always had to give lengthy explanation to everyone what did it entail but things may have changed since then.

inder Fri 17-Apr-09 20:11:35

I have just stumbled on this website wish i had know about it earlier...
I am currently preparing for the ECA for E111 and am very confused....
I just dont know how to start and have not had the best of marks on my TMAs..
Words of encouragement and wisdom would be highly appreciated.
Thank you to all who reply in advance

mentalmrs Sun 21-Oct-12 20:17:32

Hi i finished E111 earlier this year, didn't find it easy as some do, i scaped through, but hey a pass is a pass!

Jut started E112 anyone done or doing that?

lorrymisty213 Thu 11-Apr-13 16:13:28

Hi all , Anyone out there at the moment doing E111 - on TMA6 and struggling , is there anyone who is also having problems - maybe we can help each other ?//

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