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Anyone done/ doing OU E111. I need help.

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shivermekinders Tue 31-Mar-09 21:03:26

doing TMA 6 and it talks about 'focus for support' what exactly does that mean?

shivermekinders Wed 01-Apr-09 11:38:29

Somebody please help me. [overly dramatic head in hands emoticon]

frannikin Thu 02-Apr-09 14:14:59

I'm not doing it but I'm ace at untangling questions (usually) even when I know nothing about the subject.

What's the full question?

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 16:41:49

identify a focus for support for the proposed activity that would be appropriate to the childrens current learning needs. reference this focus to the appropriate national curriculum programme of study

HecAteTheEasterBunny Thu 02-Apr-09 16:45:08

can't help, shiver .. well, you know that blush but am giving this another bump in the hope that frannikin and others can help.

MuffinBaker Thu 02-Apr-09 16:50:27

"identify a focus for support for the proposed activity that would be appropriate to the childrens current learning needs. reference this focus to the appropriate national curriculum programme of study "

Suggest who can support the children to do the activity.

Show how this is being met within the Nat Cur.


AMumInScotland Thu 02-Apr-09 16:50:42

Is this course about learning support? Or just education in general?

If it's learning support I think they might mean "What is it in this activity that you are trying to support them in particularly?" or "What part of their support needs are you focussing on?"

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 16:55:48

it is learning support

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 16:57:41

Has done e112 2years ago..Can't now but will dig out my notes and tma for you later

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 16:58:19


shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 16:58:43

thanks, would appreciate it.

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 17:12:55

I don't do cats so could you give me an email address so I can post you some of my stuff

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 17:18:25

shivermetimbers at rocketmail dot com.

sayithowitis Thu 02-Apr-09 17:29:21

I think it means identify an area of the activity that might require additional support, either from aother adult or by means of further explanation/visual aid etc, bearing in mind the specific difficulties of any of the children involved. Eg, some children might need a more visual representation of instructions, not just a list. Maybe?

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 17:43:24

maybe, i wondered if it meant what area of the curriculum does the activity support, eg reading, writing, speaking and listening,etc.?????????????

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:00:00

Can't be bothered with logging into email account so post here..

Focus for support with reference to NC prog of study.
[ link to NC prog of study and also maybe keeping them on task, motivated, fun, 'play like'.. build on proir learning....]
refer to the NC handbook and look at the relevant programme of study, link each activity to 2 or 3 targets.

Get a copy of the foundation stage and KS 1 and 2 NC Handbook or try .

As for putting it into the text of your assignment you could it like this:
The points the activity relates to regarding the NC are as follows:
Group discussion and interaction 10a and 10b (pag 52) , as the children are working in pairs to plan and write their stories.
En2 Reading – Literature 4b and 4c (page 53) as the children are looking at a specific genre and creating their own characters and plots.
En3 Writing is the main area of National Curriculum programme of study appropriate to the literacy, language and ICT activity as the children are writing their own stories.
I have Done it this way for literacy: [after saying what the activity is]Children will be introduced to the following learning strands of the new primary literacy strategy: 1,2,3 and 4 for key stage 1, which also links directly to the National Curriculum[see appendix......]

Hope this helps smile

Below some tma 6 notes...

Having now read all of the course materials I still find it hard to guide you as to which might be the most relevant aspects for this assignment as it is really dependent on your choice of activities.

The key to success I suppose is picking two activities that you are comfortable with – particularly with regard the integration of ICT. For this assignment you must think of ICT in its broadest sense – yes the use of computers is important, but how has it enhanced this particular activity?

You are asked to select two activities from either language and literacy, mathematics or science. It would be helpful if you selected two activities that you are familiar with in the context of supporting three – six children who you are familiar with.

Part 1 asks you to identify the group of children you have supported and identify their needs IN THE CHOSEN CURRICULUM AREA.

As you have to do this for each of the two activities, this suggests that you could pick different children for each activity if you would like to.

Part 2

This asks you to identify a focus for support for each activity appropriate to the learning needs of the children, e.g. developing the use of creative language or developing the use of prediction skills in science. For each activity you are asked to reference to the relevant National Curriculum programme of study. Some analysis with reference to course materials would also be helpful. Again, dependant on the areas selected, there is a range of supporting material available in the Study Guide and supporting Reader chapters.

Part 3

This asks you to produce a plan for each activity. As there are three clear headings, I would go for about 100 words for each one. When it asks about the support you will provide, please remember materials and the set up of the learning environment along with the sorts of questions you might ask.

Part 4 is specifically about how ICT has been included. There is mention of the range of ICT that could be identified in the assignment guide. Please refer to Course materials – again they have given you a huge range of ideas to help. You must analyse how the children will be able to use ICT. You might like to think how the use of ICT has enhanced this activity.

You are all likely to select different curriculum areas along with a range of activities. Should you want to discuss the selection of activities with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:05:34

Another example of things you could do:

"Focus for support:
games, keeping them a fun activity. If the student becomes tired, seems distracted or bored at any point move on to another activity, or take a break for a while.
revise ordering and comparing numbers
mental maths
finding a small difference by counting on from the smaller to the larger number

The points the activity relates to regarding the National Curriculum Attainment Target for Key stage 2 are as follows:
Ma2 Number and algebra –
• Calculations 3a, as the children develop further their understanding of addition and subtraction and the relationships between them including inverses; choose suitable number operations to solve a given problem
• Mental methods 3d, as the children recall all addition and subtraction facts for each number to 10

Ma3 Shape, space and measures-

• Understanding measures 4b, as the children recognise that measurement is approximate; choose and use suitable measuring instruments for a task; interpret numbers and read scales with increasing accuracy; record measurements using decimal notation


possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:10:46

And for literacy:

'Focus of the support: to prepare and retell stories individually and through role-play in groups, using dialogue and narrative from the text;
to make use of formal elements in retelling; to retell the main points of a story in sequence;to compare different stories;to evaluate stories and ustify their preferences
to notice the difference between spoken and written forms through retelling known stories;to compare oral versions with the written text
to be aware of different voices in the stories using dramataised reading, showing differences between the narrator and different characters e.g. by using puppets, masks
to show how dialogue is presented in stories, e.g. how paragraphing is used to organise dialogue'

The points the activity relates to regarding the National Curriculum Attainment Target for Key stage 2 are as follows:
En1 Speaking and listening-
• Speaking- 1) To speak with confidence in a range of contexts, adapting their speech for a range of purposes and audiences 1b) gain and maintain the interest and response of different audiences [for example, by exaggeration, humour, varying pace and using persuasive language to achieve particular effects]
• Listening- 2) To listen, understand and respond appropriately to others, pupils should be taught to:2c) qualify or justify what they think after listening to others' questions or accounts
• Drama - 4) To participate in a wide range of drama activities and to evaluate their own and others' contributions, pupils should be taught to: 4a)create, adapt and sustain different roles, individually and in groups
• Language variation - 6) Pupils should be taught about how language varies: 6c) between spoken and written forms [for example, the differences between transcribed speech, direct speech and reported speech].

Of course you need to choose only couple of targets and NC references.

Good luck

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 18:11:37

thanks, thats a big help. i was going to do literacy activity,children writing short playscript and filming performances to view back and evaluate. also maths activity around data handling with graphs and/or charts with computer software.something along those lines.

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:17:10

For my maths activity I used two computer numeracy games presented to children on the IWB.The main focus of the activity was on learning to calculate the small difference between the numbers.

For literacy IWB with the written version of the story which children could follow then we made our own recording o them retelling the story

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:17:48

Give me a shout if you need any thing else smile

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 18:21:03

you will regret saying that.

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:22:11

Just remembered a very good activity for literacy : watch any cartoon on you tube with sound off, ask children to write their own script then record it and play while watching the cartoon again..lots of fun

possiblymaybe Thu 02-Apr-09 18:23:01

no I really don't mind grin

shivermekinders Thu 02-Apr-09 18:24:17

dont think our school allows youtube. but sounds good.

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