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how are OU packages posted out?

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livinginadreamworld Sun 02-Nov-08 06:11:28

ie, do they come through royal mail, or through a courier?

I will not be in the country when my first pack arrives, but will be home in time to start the course.

All of our post is being held by the post office, so i will get it as soon as i get back if it comes through them, but i am worried it will come with a courier who will not be able to leave it so will return to sender and then i will not be able to start my course in time!!


blueskyandsunshine Sun 02-Nov-08 06:14:12

Mine came by post in a big box.

When returning essays etc. they specifically request that YOU don't use a courier because the tutor cannot be always running to the PO to collect.

Why don't you phone up and ask them? Not being facetious. They are really helpful people.

livinginadreamworld Sun 02-Nov-08 06:21:39

i will ring them to check i think, i just spent such a long time on the phone registering yesterday, as i am abroad at the moment and they were being fussy, and then thought about the post issue this morning, i didnt feel like calling them up again just yet!!

blueskyandsunshine Sun 02-Nov-08 08:21:01

I got mine when abroad too. It came by post. (courier would have cost a fortune!)

amazonianadventure Sun 02-Nov-08 20:11:46

DHL brought mine, although it was a local courier as they cam e in their own car

Lmccrean Sun 02-Nov-08 20:15:49

DHL brought mine - not local delivery. Im in Northern Ireland - maybe thats why it came by them instead of Royal Mail??

Oumasrusks Tue 04-Nov-08 14:36:13

DHL brought mine too and I live in London.

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