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So who fancies trying their hand at careers advice? Help needed!

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babyignoramus Sun 26-Oct-08 18:07:02

Hi all,

I have decided that I'm going to attempt to finish my degree through the OU whilst I'm on maternity leave (and for a time afterwards, I'm not that quick!). I'm going for an Open degree so i can suit my interests, and am trying to decide on the first course to do.

My background is:

1st year of a maths & stats degree completed in 1999 (before I came to my senses!!)
Since then have studied various courses - I have done a criminal prosecution course through work, a Spanish evening course, have been teaching myself German, and have devloped an interest in linguistics. I've signed up to an OU openings course in Understanding Children, mainly to get back in the habit with something that's relevant to me now!

My interest are varied (current affairs, science, crime, anthropology, linguistics etc. etc. etc.) , but I have trouble focusing on one subject, preferring to learn about lots of different things at once! I'm thinking a media course might be a good bet as it will be very varied but would welcome recommendations. I'm mainly doing this as a matter of personal pride (I will have a degree before 30, I will!), but career prospects would be good too. I'd quite like to get into research at some point.

Any ideas? There must some budding careers advisers out there who like to give me their two penn'eth.

thanks in advance!

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