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OU experts - have I messed up?

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KatyMac Mon 29-Sep-08 00:41:34

I have booked & paid for my course with Tescos Vouchers

Now I find this
" From the information you have provided it appears that you could be eligible for a partial award which would be:

* A course grant of £191 to help with study expenses.

If you intend to study a course where the fees are higher than £785, for example Business or Law, you will also qualify for support towards the proportion of your course fee that is higher than £785. You will only receive this additional support for one such high fee course per year.

If you are eligible for a partial award, you are also likely to qualify for up to £200 additional funding towards your course fees. "

Have I wasted £200?
Can I get them back? or credited to my next one?
Am I too late to apply?

What are study expeses?

amazonianadventure Mon 29-Sep-08 13:13:30

additionsl funding is an ILA account.

study expenses are for computers,books etc

I dont think you can get your vouchers back but its a lesson learned for your next course,so many people are entitled to funding that you really should explore all this before handing over your cash

sorry if thats sound harsh.

KatyMac Mon 29-Sep-08 17:28:34

I had no idea you could get any help at all

FAQ's thread last night made me go looking
No one on the helpline suggested I could get any help at all - which is a shame

allgonebellyup Mon 29-Sep-08 17:38:12

They should have told you - i am getting 2 courses paid for me this year, worth £900 !

amazonianadventure Mon 29-Sep-08 20:25:28

yeah mine was £635,
if your in england you can get money for a new computer,im in scotland and would have loved a new computer envy

juneybean Tue 30-Sep-08 19:57:37

Mine was 2 x £340 and cos of my low wage they're paying for it for me :D

SimpleAsABC Tue 30-Sep-08 22:05:42

so did you get any help amazonia?

KatyMac Thu 02-Oct-08 22:43:36

Apparently I can still claim - so I will

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