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A shove in the right direction please...

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Lozza83 Mon 14-Jul-08 22:45:18

Hi ladies,

ok, when my daughter goes to school i would like to study some complementary therapy courses and be qualified in a few things. Thing is to get on any of these courses i need to have 5 gcse's at grade a-c. well, i have 3 and thats not in the relevant subjects i need for my further studying. i got an A for dance and 2 C's for photography and graphics. Basically i need to study something which is the equivalent of like 3-5 gcses like maybe a nvq or an access course? I would preferably like to do something which has biology science in as that would help with the courses i'd like to do and i suppose that it should be something that has some english and maths in it too. I don't even know whether there is such course that conbines these subjects? I'd rather not retake my gcses again but if need be i will. If someone could kindly kick me in the correct direction i would really appreciate it. I am sooo confused!!

Thanks very much
Lauren xx

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