OPEN UNIVERSITY-how long will it take me to get a degree?

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funlovingcriminal Thu 03-Jul-08 08:52:02

I'm getting on(34)and only now have I been thinking of doing a degree. I work in the evenings and have time to study during the day.

Realistically, how long will it take me to do an OU degree. I'm thinking of doing a PGCE after.So, I would be qualified at 40 if it took me 6 years.Is that too old?

Has anyone done a degree in less time? I have one DS, we would put him in a nursery so I had time to study but we're thinking of another in near future. Am i mad? Help?

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funlovingcriminal Thu 03-Jul-08 09:15:36

I am thinking of doing a language degree, Spanish and English or something like that. Does anyone have any experience in this and how long it would take me?

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Mercy Thu 03-Jul-08 09:22:56

Dh did his in about 6 years (different subject to you though). He was working full-time and we had 2 children during those years too!

I found it pretty hard tbh as I ended up doing practically everything; you need to be organised and make sure you have time as a family at weekends etc.

Good luck smile

yaz2 Thu 03-Jul-08 09:24:36

Realistically it will take about 6 years if you do 60 point every year about 1/2 a year (part time) at a brick uni. You can do more and could theoretically do 120 points a year and be done in 3 years. It all depends on the amount of time you can give to you studies. On average a 60 point course takes about 16- 18 hours of studying a week (according to the OU). I am currently doing an OU degree and it will be 6 years when I finish. I have 2 dc's nearly 2 and 4. Good luck. hth

figroll Thu 03-Jul-08 11:20:05

You need to be pretty committed too. I have done some OU courses and the 60 pointers are a bit of a killer, 30 points is much more comfortable to fit in with work and children, etc, but then it takes years and years.

I felt a bit pressured by all the assessments sometimes and making sure I got them in on time.

I already have a degree too, so for me, having an OU degree is a bit irrelevant, but if I hadn't got one, then I would probably be more committed. I quite enjoyed it though - maths and science I have done. Tutorials were cr*p and I didn't bother with them as I could manage on my own. Why not just have a go and see how you get on - you might love it and if you have time during the day it shouldn't be a problem. If I had a new baby whilst doing an OU course, I know which one I would drop and it wouldn't be the baby!!

Good luck on whatever you decide.

funlovingcriminal Thu 03-Jul-08 12:39:33

Thanks for all your advice and experiences.

Looks like 6 years minimum then, I was hoping someone would come along and say, 2 years if you really cram it! Yeh, right!!!

Lots to think about..why oh why did I drop out of Uni!

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TheFallenMadonna Thu 03-Jul-08 12:43:04

If you do it full time you can do it quicker. My friend did two 60 pointers in one year, and I did a 60 and a 30 at the same time. If you're not working and have childcare then it is certainly possible.


ChopsTheDuck Thu 03-Jul-08 12:46:42

you can do it in 3. I originally planned this, then it stretched to 4, then 5! Few things came along that I hadn't planned for, such as the dts. It's worth doing though.

yaz2 Thu 03-Jul-08 15:09:08

It is possible to do it in 3 years but its like full time study plus what ever responisbilities you already have. I have done 60 points per year so far so it can be done but as it has already been mentioned in a previous post that it takes commitment and juggling everything around the time assignments and exams are due.

turnbull12 Wed 10-May-17 11:09:44

Did you end up doing it!?

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