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Anyone had any luck getting onto a Graduate Training Programme? (teaching)

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allgonebellyup Sat 28-Jun-08 09:43:19

ie when you learn on the job? Keep reading it is very competitive! but would love to do it..any tips?

leosdad Mon 30-Jun-08 11:47:59

Know two people who have done SCITT and have enjoyed it, both got jobs in the borough where they were trained. Not sure if that is the same as graduate training programme.

ididntdoit Mon 30-Jun-08 12:57:44

Hi, I have a place to start the GTP in september 08. grin am v excited! I work as a teaching assistant which I am sure has helped.

It is incredibly competitive as you get paid to train, so you really need to make you application stand out as much as possible. You need to get as much experience with children as u can.

Good Luck!

kritur Mon 30-Jun-08 20:42:09

I did GTP in secondary chemistry Jan-Dec 06. It is very competitive to get on, you need plenty of experience. It's particularly hard to get onto primary and some of the secondary subjects like PE. I had no trouble getting a place but know others have been trying for years and getting nowhere. It's quite important to have a school in place who will support your application as this gives you the edge over people applying without schools. The best way to get a school is through volunteering or working as a TA or other support staff role.

allgonebellyup Wed 09-Jul-08 21:52:30

thanks you lot

if i manage to get a job as a teaching assistant just for a year in a college that specialises in ages 14-16 (just got offer of interview today!), would that help?

or would i have to be there longer than a year/ be at a school rather than college?

Loshad Wed 09-Jul-08 21:59:15

Would you be much worse off if you did a PGCE, I'm getting a tax free bursary of £8k and a grant (not loan) of another £1.5k for the sept-june course, so nearish £10 untaxed as opposed to GTP (can't remember £14K?).
Definately need a school to support you.

Rachmumoftwo Wed 09-Jul-08 22:13:56

Somerset SCITT offer the PGCE and GTP. I think most SCITT providers do. The primary bursary has gone down to £4k in Somerset this year, is the the same elsewhere? The higher bursary is for secondary subjects where there is a shortage I think.

allgonebellyup Sat 12-Jul-08 11:08:21

PGCE in Religion is probably where im heading anyway!! (think thats 9k for the year, plus 2.5k golden handshake)

Its just that the nearest Uni to offer it is a good 1.5hrs away - so a long drive every day, but the school who offers GTP is practically next door to my house!!

But, yes, financially they are both pretty equal!
Would i get a grant as well as the 9k bursary then?

allgonebellyup Sat 12-Jul-08 11:09:10

Also, can you still claim your tax credits if you receive the bursary?

Rachmumoftwo Mon 14-Jul-08 19:07:51

I think you can if your household income is still low enough for them.

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