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social work courses in scotland

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amazonianadventure Wed 25-Jun-08 20:29:24

anyone done one?

can they tell me about it?

do you get a grant etc for doing it?

colie Thu 03-Jul-08 23:06:29

I was in the process of doing the social work degree in England. Went off to have a baby in Jan and haven't went back yet.
I moved to England 2 years ago but my sil has just finished her degree in social work in Glasgow. She didn;t get the non repayable grant that social work students in the rest of the uk get.She didn't have any tuition fees to pay as tuition fees don't exist in Scotland. I think the tuition fees come to just under the grant.
Anyhow, if you are talking about the non repayable grant that all social work students in England get, then no you don't get that in Scotland. So it is swings and roundabouts.
Not sure if this makes sense.

amazonianadventure Wed 09-Jul-08 22:17:32


it kind of makes sense, really i need to know if ill get any help at all if i go to uni apart from my fees which everyone in scotland gets.
I f im at uni 5 days a week cant put hit upon my family for me to WORK ALL weekend (im a single parent with 2 kids)

deste Thu 07-Aug-08 21:56:59

Maybe everyone in Scotland gets their fees paid unless your a Scot studying in England and then you have to pay the fees.

amazonianadventure Sun 10-Aug-08 21:37:57

yes, I will get my fees paid but i wanted to know if anyo ne knew about grants etc.

In England you get a nhs bursary but not in scotland!

ScottishMummy Sun 10-Aug-08 21:52:16

look at training as a sw in scotland scottish social services council and
Student award agency

depends whether you are scottish student or nor

ScottishMummy Sun 10-Aug-08 21:55:47

ooooops link failed

look at training as a sw in scotland scottish social services council

amazonianadventure Mon 11-Aug-08 21:04:53


Been on there, ive decided how im going to get the quals (open uni and int 2 maths)
and where im going to apply for.

As everyone just wanted reassurance about money!

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