Oxford Uni - when are final results out?

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KatieMorag Mon 09-Jun-08 20:46:19

Does anyone know how I can find out when the final results are out? I have searched the net and come up with nothing.

I think they are not officially published but you can get hold of them online somewhere????

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KatieMorag Mon 09-Jun-08 22:55:06


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TotalChaos Mon 09-Jun-08 22:56:35

There are different days for different subjects. So you might want to check the individual department website for the subject you are interested in.

stealthsquiggle Mon 09-Jun-08 23:00:50

By department I would have thought - and if I recall (long time ago), not until July/August - what subject are you after?

KatieMorag Mon 09-Jun-08 23:03:59

Law. Or to be precise, the BA in Jurisprudence Course 1 Final Honour School.

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stealthsquiggle Mon 09-Jun-08 23:09:25

Doesn't look like they put them on the faculty website - here - maybe through the college - but it was certainly July before our results came out (not Law, though)

KatieMorag Mon 09-Jun-08 23:14:32

I'm sure you are right Stealth, as the exams only finished last week. I think that the date of publication of results would be in the examiners edict - is that correct?

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stealthsquiggle Mon 09-Jun-08 23:27:27

Might be. I am racking my memory to recall how we were told of the date but the results were posted at the department and we had to go and look for them [shudders at memory] - could be nowadays they would be initially posted on some sort of intranet that only students can access??

KatieMorag Tue 10-Jun-08 09:03:32

Yes that's the problem! As I understand it, they are posted on the notice board which we could go and look at - if only we didn't live 500 miles away. Or we could ask someone else to go and look at - if we knew the date. Or we could check them on the department website - if only we were students and had access.....sigh

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getbackinyouryurtjimjams Tue 10-Jun-08 09:04:58

Different departments were at different times. They were posted outside schools. I had mine before some friends had even finished their finals.

ChicaLovesBranstonPickle Tue 10-Jun-08 09:13:39

I was away when mine came out (6 years ago, not law), so I called my tutor and he broke the good news!

I think our tutors told us the date before exams or something like that. Can you not call the college or department?

MrsBadger Tue 10-Jun-08 09:30:28

Katie, if you find out the date a lovely Oxford MNer may go and look at the board for you....

Catz Tue 10-Jun-08 09:37:47

9th July I think but it all depends on the final examiners meeting.
Are you a parent?

Catz Tue 10-Jun-08 09:39:34

sorry, I mean a parent of someone taking the course. IF you are a student the College will tell you how to get them but I assume that you are not from your post above.
If you are looking for an individual student you should be aware that students can elect not to have their name on the public board so you may not be able to find the information out.

Last year they were a day early.

KatieMorag Tue 10-Jun-08 11:43:54

Sorry, yes we are parents. Our son has had a lot of problems during the course which he didn't tell us anything about until he was in a real mess! He's already had to repeat one year while telling us he was doing really well.Then he spent the money we gave him for fees etc and asked us for more

Unfortunately we can't really trust what he tells us sad and you will understand that the college cant tell us anything without his permission.

He told us that he was sitting his finals and his father travelled 500 miles to visit him twice during his exams. The second time DS wouldn't even meet him shock. So we don't even know if he sat them, let alone if he will pass. He has already told us that he doesn't plan to graduate this year anyway.

Obviously we are really worried. He told us that the results aren't out until August, which we know isn't true.If he comes in and tells us he has passed we won't even be sure if he is telling us the truth. We want to believe him but we have been misled so many times before sad

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KatieMorag Tue 10-Jun-08 11:48:36

Thank you Mrs Badger, that's how we found out that he had failed his Mods sad. We were proudly telling everyone how well he was doing blush. Its horrible HORRIBLE not to be able to trust your own child.

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getbackinyouryurtjimjams Tue 10-Jun-08 11:51:33

I found this although agree that the best way would be to find the date. I'm sure that law results are out in July - maybe August - they're one of the later ones to be published iirc.

getbackinyouryurtjimjams Tue 10-Jun-08 11:55:01

What does he mean by 'he doesn't plan to graduate'

that doesn't really matter- you still have the degree (as a graduand) and you can do the ceremony bit anytime (or in absentia I guess). I didn't officially graduate for over a year after finals because I was working in Japan.

stealthsquiggle Tue 10-Jun-08 12:08:15

I am sure it must be horrendous to have to do it, but could you not contact his tutor (via the college)?

KatieMorag Tue 10-Jun-08 12:17:40

Thank you for that link Jimjams, its very helpful

He means that he will not be attending a graduation ceremony this year. Obviously if we were to attend his graduation next month we would know that he has passed, but not attending doesn't prove that he hasn't passed!He says he wants to graduate in the Sheldonian and its closed ( this I know is true)

Though from what Catz posted, even if his name is NOT on the list, he may still have passed.

When/if he tells us his results, we just want to be able to be happy for him, hug him, open a bottle of champagne, call our family etc. Not be checking up on him all the time sad

DH was in tears when he travelled all the way to visit Ds and he refused to see him sad

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sagitta Tue 10-Jun-08 12:18:04

I know this isn't what you asked, but your first para -

"has had a lot of problems during the course which he didn't tell us anything about until he was in a real mess! He's already had to repeat one year while telling us he was doing really well.Then he spent the money we gave him for fees etc and asked us for more"

could have been about me when I was there. It must be awful that he has lied to you, but fwiw I found Oxford a very alienating place, and the thrill of my parents that I got in, plus their expectations, made it even harder, especially to be honest with them about how tough I found it. The last thing I wanted was to disappoint them, or let them down. So I lied...

If its any help, the minute I left there, my relationship with my parents changed, and has been great ever since.

I don't know how you find out his result though, sorry. We had to look on the board...

I hope it gets better for you.

KatieMorag Tue 10-Jun-08 12:28:56

stealth - the tutor cannot give us information without the student's consent. Also I think he would be a bit surprised to hear from me as DS told them I had died and thats why he failed his Mods and had to repeat first year

Either that or he was rusticated

He told us he was taking a year out

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stealthsquiggle Tue 10-Jun-08 12:37:28

OK - here's a suggestion - call the department (web site in earlier post) and ask them when and where the results will be publicly posted - then a friendly MNer/someone else can go and look?

KatieMorag Tue 10-Jun-08 12:38:06

Thank you for being so honest sagitta and I'm sorry you had such a bad experience there

I can only imagine how he has struggled there - i have read other threads about it and how much maturity and self reliance is required to cope. We know these are not his strong points! We would have preferred that he went elsewhere but he was so keen and of course it was his choice and we have supported him as best we can.

Financially it has been a struggle and most of my salary goes to him. So its a bit galling when we discover that its been spent on partying and not on battles. He went to private school but we cant afford it now for his siblings.They are going on their first ever family holiday this year while they see him swanning off abroad several times a year. ( I do realise that we are not on the breadline though, before i get flamed grin)

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KatieMorag Tue 10-Jun-08 12:45:42

stealth - you are a genuis! ( thats an Oxford education for you grin).

The probable date is Thursday 10 July early afternoon and they will go to college that evening.But they also explained that a student can elect NOT to have their results posted. Which he will probably have done.

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