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Teaching Assistant. Which course is best? B Tech or A Set

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mrsmaddyd Tue 04-Mar-08 20:24:13

I,ve heard of B Tech but the Aset and ABC seem common as well. I have to do distance learning (at Home) as have little uns and want to make sure im taking the right course before i delve in


should i do a CACHE Child care course which i know is widley recognised. As could then do a teaching assistant course once i have a placement.

My career plan is to work with hearing impaired children within a school but i cant start work for about a year so want to get some qualifications alongside my sign language skills.

Any advice from you wise mumsnetters would be gratefully recieved. xxxx

mrsmaddyd Tue 04-Mar-08 20:38:03


nzshar Sat 05-Apr-08 19:49:18

Just seen this. I opted to do B Tech level 2 teaching assistant done through ICS which dosent require a placement. This is credited by edexcel and a recognised qualification. Though i do have a New Zealand qualification equivilant to old NNEB/ new CACHE so thought the TA course would be better for me. My dp is registered blind and I would eventually would like to get into specialised braille/moon teaching but i guess that will have to wait. Dont know if this is any help or if you have already decided.

mumeeee Sat 03-May-08 22:32:41

NCC do the ASET award teaching certificate do schools recognise this?
The site says you can get the ABC qualification at a later date for an additional fee. Will I need this to get into schools work?Does anybody know how much extra this would be?

mumeeee Sat 09-Aug-08 22:51:28

Just reviving this thread as I've come back to thinking about doing a distant learning teaching assistant course. I've nearly decided on the ASET course but need to know if schoo; will recognise this qualification. Anyone know?

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